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Fall Colors October 23, 2016

This year, we went to the Arboretum to see Fall Colors. Today, we were at Minneopa State Park. This was certainly a last minute visit without lot of planning ahead. We just thought, we will go out and have fun for a 60F day on October 22. Here are pictures taken in both the visits. Once we were half way to Minneopa State Park, realized we did not carry our Camera but decided to put iPhone 7 plus camera to more test. Certainly iPhone does not replace the DSLR, but impressed with picture quality for sure.


Happy Birthday Adhruth October 3, 2016

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My Dear Adhruth

6 years back, at this exact moment (scheduling this post to match time) is when you came into this Beautiful World. I still remember clearly when Subhashree was feeling uncomfortable at home. We were set expectation that you will come out anytime now. We called Doctor and she asked us to get Subhashree to the Hospital immediately. It was a Sunday morning and we drove from Kundanahalli to Manipal Hopsital in less than 15 minutes. Doctor had got all nurses, staff ready there and Subhashree was taken into the delivery room immediately on arriving at the Hospital. Doctor came out of the delivery room and showed us you – our bundle of joy and said you came into this World at 7:42 AM (Now, living in Minneapolis, technically that translates to October 2, 9:12 PM)

You are always Happy and the smile in your face is what gives us enough strength to face everything. You are a very strong guy who can face any adversities of life. Yes, we do get frustrated or irritated at times, but you surprise us  by things you do. Looking back, you went in your bus ride to School (without any of us) when you were just over 3 years, you laugh taking your growth hormone shots, you think it is a play – drinking milk through G Tube. You are the bravest I have seen. It is in your responses, that we actually feel much better doing what we do.

Life has never been the same again for us (and you, of course). Here is a compilation of you in this journey. I matched all pictures that were taken around your birthday time so that we can cherish your growth.


G Tube – Our family friend September 20, 2016

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G Tube has been a great blessing. 1st November 2013 was the big day for us, whenΒ Adhruth got his G Tube. For someone who does not eat easily like Adhruth, this is an amazing device. I thought what would Adhruth tell about G Tube and came up with this Β πŸ™‚


Niagara, Niagara, Niagara August 17, 2016

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That time of the year when we plan for a Trip. Yes – It is Subhashree and my Birthday week last week and finally we visited Niagara after lot of planning. Decided we will not even think of driving from Minneapolis and booked flight tickets. Not much of direct flights and took the flight from Minneapolis on Thursday night and reached Buffalo by mid night (an hour ahead from Minneapolis).

By the time we settled down it was close to 1 AM. Slept till 8 AM in the morning and started our drive to see Niagara. Buying Discovery Pass ahead of time online helped to get the tickets in hand. Walked from the Visitor Ceter and entered the Niagara Park.

It was a majestic view of the falls in front of the eyes. Initially heard Friday, Saturday will be crowded as illumination happens at night. But the hot and humid weather kept many people out I think. There was no wait for us to get to the Observation center and go down in the lift and get into the boat for Maid of the Mist trip. I have to agree one thing – I have seen many pictures with blue coat over people but did not imagine how wet it would be. Until we experience, the wetness, it is hard to imagine. But in that trip the view of the falls was the best. Majestic water falls in full view and water from the falls making us wet. We did not have Visa to enter the Canada side and hence this was the best view.

We were back in the Park in the evening and Adhruth enjoyed walking and playing in the grass. Looking at the Color of the Sky during Sunset was an experience. It was followed by Illumination of the falls. Lights focussed on the walls made it colorful and words cannot explain the experience.

Next day, we did some shopping and had South Indian food in Chennai Express restaurant. Bisibele bath and the spicy Chilli pagoda brought tears in eyes :-). Our flight back to Minneapolis was on Sunday morning and that helped us to recover from quick trip to get ready for Monday.

Oh. Not to leave this out – second tooth is down for Adhruth in this trip πŸ™‚


Weekend trip to Duluth July 31, 2016

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Our very first trip out of Minneapolis was to Duluth in August 2013. After 3 years, we decided to make a weekend trip to Duluth in the end of July. We thought starting from Home by Friday afternoon will make it easy but the road work on the way slowed us a bit, but reached duluth by evening. Visited Split Rock lighthouse on Saturday morning – what a beautiful view of Lake Superior. From there, we headed to Scenic Rail Road train ride. Only after we boarded the Train, realized this was Adhruth’s first ever rail raid. Adhruth enjoyed the ride very well. He stood on the seat and watched things going by fast. Walked in the Downtown Duluth next morning and did some shopping before heading back to Minneapolis.


Adhruth’s School – Year end June 13, 2015

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Adhruth completed his first full year at ECSE class in Wilder’s school (last year was only partial as he joined only after this 3rd birthday). He is certainly enjoying the classes and has improved a lot – A HUGE THANKS TO Teachers at Wilders School and he loves his teacher – Wendy Anantha. Family was invited to School in the last week and here is some pictures of Adhruth in the School and getting ready for the same.


Spring Trip to Wisconsin May 8, 2015

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If there is a Trip that we have done recently which was planned very late, it was last weekend. Only mid of the week, we thought Β – let’s go out of Minneapolis as the weather was good and put together the plan and went to Madison, Wisconsin. Yes, with a kid 4 hours drive also needs to be planned πŸ™‚

We all loved Madison. What a cool city lots of beautiful places. We visited Botanical Garden, Zoo, Arboretum. On our way back to Minneapolis, we spent few hours in Dells. Overall it was fun trip. As usual, lots of photos :-). Madhu said unusual part is I am in a lot of photos and was ready to pose more :-). Is it true?


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