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Adhruth’s first year with BTS Of MN July 13, 2017

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This blog is my way of saying a Huge THANKS to Adhruth’s Therapy Team at Behavior Therapy Solutions of MN (BTS Of MN). This June, we have completed one year of In-home ABA Therapy for Adhruth. We were skeptical initially as it is not easy to have Therapist come over to our house and work with Adhruth when we are still at home. It was like having some strangers in the house, all through. BTS Team made it so easy for us to go through the entire experience.

Yes, Therapists have changed from the time we have started. Yes, schedules have changed in last minute a couple of times. Yes, Adhruth has slept before sessions and we have had couple of last minute cancellations. Yes, Supervisors have changed in this duration. One thing that has remained consistent in the last 12 months, is the improvements in Adhruth. Everything Adhruth does in this Video would not have been possible without the passion, dedication and commitment of his Therapy team. They are no more strangers who walk into our house. They are integral part of Adhruth’s Team.

There are few times, where as Parents we have given up on some activity, but this group has never given up on him. They know how to push Adhruth to get the best out of him. Most importantly, they know how street smart Adhruth is and are excited to find new ways of getting the task done.

One aspect that stood out for me was, how Adhruth was very comfortable in generalizing activity. In this video, though most activities happen at Home, it is interesting to see how he was able to carry out the same activity in his Speech Therapy sessions at Fraser.

This blog will be totally incomplete, without a very special mention to Camille, Adhruth’s Β Treatment Supervisor. We always wonder, if there are times, when she does not think about the kids she works with. She is as excited as Parents to see Adhruth master new tasks, appreciate him and celebrate his achievements. The tremendous improvements in Adhruth in last 6 months would not have happened without this Team. Thanks BTS of MN.


First day at YMCA Kids Stuff October 23, 2016

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Yesterday was our very First Demo visit before looking at Membership at Ridgedale YMCA. After the introduction session, went last night with Adhruth at 6:30 PM. Adhruth, loved the Gym place there and did a great job playing there. After few attempt, Adhruth was very comfortable with the Maze as well. Came back home after 90 minutes of Play πŸ™‚


G Tube – Our family friend September 20, 2016

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G Tube has been a great blessing. 1st November 2013 was the big day for us, whenΒ Adhruth got his G Tube. For someone who does not eat easily like Adhruth, this is an amazing device. I thought what would Adhruth tell about G Tube and came up with this Β πŸ™‚


Medicine Lake Park & Apple Farm September 16, 2016

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What happens when we go for a Playground with Park and a Camera in hand. Lots of pictures and video. That is what happened this weekend.

Adhruth likes playing a lot now and is more energetic and happy with new slides. This was our first visit to Medicine Lake Park and Adhruth was very happy to be there. He was very comfortable and it was not as if it was his first day there. He liked it very much that we visited the place again the next day.

Summer is gone and its FallΒ in Minneapolis and it is Apple plucking season. We went to Aamodt’s Apple Farm in Stillwater. It is fun to see this place and Adhruth liked it more as there is more play Slides there.

Its interesting to compare the pictures from previous visit :-).Β Video is followed by lots of photos.

2015 – Apple Farm Visit

2014 – Apple Farm Visit


Play time & casual clicks February 1, 2016

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It has been 3 years, since we came to Minneapolis. It has been an wonderful journey for Adhruth & taking care of his healthcare needs here. Some casual pics in the indoor mall rides and fun over this month. Video also includes a duration of Adhruth playing slide in his School.





Snow Play December 28, 2015

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Christmas night brought in some Snow for us. Adhruth & I decided to experiment the weather and do some Snow Walking. Here is some pictures & video πŸ™‚ Just to go on record, temperature was 14F (-10C)


Adhruth – Diwali, Apple farm visit November 9, 2014

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It has been a FUN month with Diwali, Halloween and a trip to Apple Farms. Here is Adhruth’s vishamam all these places.


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