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Happy Birthday Adhruth October 3, 2016

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My Dear Adhruth

6 years back, at this exact moment (scheduling this post to match time) is when you came into this Beautiful World. I still remember clearly when Subhashree was feeling uncomfortable at home. We were set expectation that you will come out anytime now. We called Doctor and she asked us to get Subhashree to the Hospital immediately. It was a Sunday morning and we drove from Kundanahalli to Manipal Hopsital in less than 15 minutes. Doctor had got all nurses, staff ready there and Subhashree was taken into the delivery room immediately on arriving at the Hospital. Doctor came out of the delivery room and showed us you – our bundle of joy and said you came into this World at 7:42 AM (Now, living in Minneapolis, technically that translates to October 2, 9:12 PM)

You are always Happy and the smile in your face is what gives us enough strength to face everything. You are a very strong guy who can face any adversities of life. Yes, we do get frustrated or irritated at times, but you surprise us  by things you do. Looking back, you went in your bus ride to School (without any of us) when you were just over 3 years, you laugh taking your growth hormone shots, you think it is a play – drinking milk through G Tube. You are the bravest I have seen. It is in your responses, that we actually feel much better doing what we do.

Life has never been the same again for us (and you, of course). Here is a compilation of you in this journey. I matched all pictures that were taken around your birthday time so that we can cherish your growth.


Thank You 2015 December 30, 2015

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Dear Adhruth,

2015 – Has been a year with mixed reactions.

Started with a Chiari de-compression Surgery, ABR, News of hearing aid, uncertainty of our stay in USA, Neuropsychology evaluations, Autism evaluations – being diagnosed as Autistic, change of school, new home, playing in snow – certainly had been a roller coaster ride without a doubt.

But, I always looks at great things you have done this year

  • You are Strong and recovered very quick after Surgery
  • We thought, you may not like hearing aid, but you proved us wrong and was very comfortable with it right from first week
  • I don’t understand how you calculate – but after we moved to new house, within one day, you exactly knew the location of our Apartment in a line of 7 and I still can’t figure out how you manage to keep count
  • Playing in snow and balancing yourself – last year when we ventured out to play in Snow, you were not very comfortable and was unable to walk easily. This year, your not only were happy, but played happily in Snow
  • You are understanding what we tell you, our emotions and more than happy ever to play with us
  • Threadmill walk – the way you walked comfortably in the first day of walking in a threadmill – you were very confident and happy
  • New School with an increased duration seemed to bother us initially more than you. You are good in getting adjusted with changes and surprised us again
  • Overall, you are certainly growing Stronger, Happier and more loving. I am sure with this as the base, everything will follow through in 2016. Looking for a very exciting 2016 with you.
Ever Loving
Appa Amma

My dear Adhruth… March 27, 2013

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Dear Adhruth

It is little over 50 days in Minneapolis now.

You are walking inside the house a lot and enjoying the place. It is fun to take you for a walk in the evening. We walk and you are in the Stroller enjoying the whole walking. 45 mins to an hour in the Sky-way goes off fast as you enjoy looking at people – smiling and laughing. You are enjoying it to the level that you become all jumpy when you see us taking the Stroller out from its place and keep it ready. You are jumping out of joy to get into that.

Your food habits have improved a lot and you are enjoying rice and more solids food. The Vanilla flavored Soya milk is one of your favorite now.

You love playing (throwing) the spoons and cutlery and love the sound it makes. When Dishwasher is open, it is difficult to keep you in the Living room. You run to the dishwasher ready to grab the spoons (is it before wash or after doesn’t matter to you) and play with that.

One thing you resist a lot is when we keep you in the Rear facing car seater and buckle you up. You want to jump out of and stand in the car seat. iPad is making you calm at those moments. You will certainly enjoy the car seat and look and enjoy the view outside during Spring.

You might not even know you are in Minneapolis :-), but the way you are enjoying and being happy tells me to be happy, fun and joyful irrespective of wherever I am and whatever I do.

We are unable to understand what you say and you cannot understand what we say… does it make a difference, we both love each other a lot :-).

Loving you so much

Yagyaraman & Subhashree

Other letters to Adhruth

Adhruth – Video (Theeratha Vilayatuu Pillai song)


Adhruth is 2 Years… October 3, 2012

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Dear Adhruth

This day – 3rd October

This time – 7:42 AM

Its exactly 2 years since you came into our lives. Happy Birthday our sweet darling. Wishing you most and more. Have an exceptional year ahead.

What a great blessing to have you in our life. You can certainly changed us for good in many aspects in these 2 years. Patience, relationship are few things you are teaching us practically after you have come into our lives. Its an amazing experience speaking to you and you observing our facial expressions to understand what we say and respond back with some sounds and happiness. It appears though, you are telling us something and its just that we are not yet understanding that.

The way you are enjoying doing every activity makes me to think if I am doing thing in life with the same happiness. Now that you have learnt to take few steps independently, you are so joyous, happy, proud of your latest achievement that everyone thinks you are almost running and not walking.

Its such a pleasure being with you, taking care of you, speaking with you, playing games with you and going for a walk outside with you – everything is such a memorable experience.

Thanks a lot for coming into our lives and making it much more enjoyable.

Loving you so much

Yagyaraman & Subhashree


Adhruth is 500 Days Young now – வெற்றிகரமான 500வது நாள் February 14, 2012

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Dear Adhruth

Loving you so much our dear darling. Today is 500th day since you were born. It is also coinciding with Valentine’s day.

Looking back at the journey of 500 days, we had our share of everything, but Me & Madhu will always remember these as our Happiest times.

There were times earlier when we would want you to sleep during day so that we can have some rest, but now when you sleep longer we feel very bored as you are not around to play with us.

You are seeing lots of advertisements these days :-). In fact it is during those gaps we have to feed you as you become oblivious to everything around you :-). If any of us stand between you and the TV during those moments, you shout and make loud noise as if telling us to move. But when anything else is going on in TV, you are not that glued to it.

Earlier, when we used to speak louder near, you will start crying thinking we are shouting at you. Now, when we speak louder you peacefully doze off to sleep.

After Madhu dresses you up, you start shouting the moment she combs your hair and applies cream and stop only after she is done. Within moments she completes combing, the first thing you do his to completely shake it off by putting your hand in the hair.

You like to go under the sofa in Thatha’s house and start shouting from there to just let us know you are there. You play a lot under that and come from the other side when you are done :-). It is such a nice experience watching you do that.

Making you sleep in our arms or laps by singing songs is the most blissful moment for both of us. It is such a peaceful experience watching you sleep in our hands.

We purposely give paper in your hand so that you enjoy tearing those and putting it around you.

Overall, you have completely changed things around for us in the last 500 days. Thank you so much our dearest darling.

– Yagyaraman & Subhashree

PS – I have set this blog to auto publish the exact time you were born – 7:42 AM


Adhruth’s latest Milestones January 11, 2012

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Dear Adhruth

Just now we are back from a doctor appointment. It was such a great fulfilling and satisfactory experience today. You were able to do all these in the last week.

1. You sat down in the mid of the hall without any support for 15 mins

2. You were able to sit without your hands supporting you for few mins

3. You are now holding 2 heavy objects in both the hands and playing with both together dashing each other

4. You are now able to stand holding Madhu’s hands for less than a minute

Doctor told you are very smart and on track on these milestones. In fact the moment we entered the doctor’s room you identified it was not our home and started crying. Doctor had to hide and see all your milestones as you start crying when you see her. In the last couple of visits, you would cry the moment you see her, but today at the end of the session, you allowed doctor to touch your cheeks and shake hands with you. Great going Adhruth…

On the lighter note – Madhu took a magazine to read now and you got it from here and you tore that into few pieces today 🙂

– Your loving Dad & Mom

Here is the Video of your today’s activities


Its 8 Months today… June 3, 2011

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Dear Adhruth

Its 8 Months today – since you came in our lives. Wow. What an wonderful 8 Months it had been. Lots of realizations in this time:

1. Most peaceful experience is to get you sleep in our hands

2. Softest thing we have touched so far is your feet

3. Best thing to do is to clean you and change your Diapers

4. Most interesting Time pass till today for us is just sit and watch you move your hands & legs

5. Sweetest sound we have heard is the sound you make to get our attention

6. Best conversation that we have had is with you – when we speak & you responds but we don’t understand your language but know you are saying something to us

7. World’s greatest Smile is the one that comes from your lips

8. Best hobby is Photography clicking every single experience with you

9. Best fragrance is that little milky  smell that comes from your body

Enjoying every moment of this blissful experience. Thanks for coming into our lives.

-Yagyaraman & Subhashree


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