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Weekend trip to Duluth July 31, 2016

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Our very first trip out of Minneapolis was to Duluth in August 2013. After 3 years, we decided to make a weekend trip to Duluth in the end of July. We thought starting from Home by Friday afternoon will make it easy but the road work on the way slowed us a bit, but reached duluth by evening. Visited Split Rock lighthouse on Saturday morning – what a beautiful view of Lake Superior. From there, we headed to Scenic Rail Road train ride. Only after we boarded the Train, realized this was Adhruth’s first ever rail raid. Adhruth enjoyed the ride very well. He stood on the seat and watched things going by fast. Walked in the Downtown Duluth next morning and did some shopping before heading back to Minneapolis.


Getting started with In-Home Therapy July 28, 2016

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Adhruth has always amazed us on how quickly he adapts to new things. Initially we were worried about him getting ready for School at 7 AM, then it was about him taking a Bus to the School (with an aid), then it was about long day at School as we moved to Cliffs. Everytime, we were worried, Adhruth overcame things very easily and adapted to new changes pretty quick. Here is another HUGE change – this time not just for him but also for Madhu.

Late last year, after official diagnosis of Autism, we started getting Adhruth eligible for Minnesota State Insurance. Autism is considered a disability for insurance and providing Home Based Therapy services. Along with that, we were working on multiple Therapy organizations to receive Services. We received MN TEFRA approval and Insurance details within 4 months.

After around 8 months of working with 3 different Therapy providers, finally we got started with Behavior Therapy Solutions from June 1st of 2016 for ABA Therapy Services. Adhruth finished his School year on June 9th and we are fully into Home Therapy for 2 months.

Based on Doctor recommendation, Adhruth will be provided 35-40 hours of Therapy services at Home. Adhruth has a Team of Behavior Therapist, Senior Behavior Therapist, Treatment Supervisors. Initial month was for the Therapist to get familiar with Adhruth, his routine, likes and dislikes and doing things that he likes the most (not to forget to mention, they take him out for a walk during sessions in his wagon / bike and that is the most loved part for Adhruth)

Morning Sessions goes from 8:30 – Noon and afternoon Session from 12:30 to 4:30. Two different therapists will come for a day. Currently Adhruth has all 5 morning sessions and 2 days afternoon sessions.

Here comes the part we were worried about – how will Adhruth do with new people coming to the house, how will he get used to this routine, he is used to taking nap in the afternoon – how can he do full day sessions, does he have enough energy to do full day sessions, will this benefit him, how do we change his feeding routine to get used to this, this meant 2 people (strangers to begin with) will always be at home with us and how to get used to that and so on. This is just few questions out of our big intelligent mind.

Adhruth, in his own way surprised us in all aspects. He loves the Team of Therapists – in fact looks forward to meeting them everyday. He loves to take bath, get ready early (since his School prior was at 11, we can do things slow) and be prepared. Eats food in break and before and end of sessions. Nap – oh that is not needed and instead playing and following Therapists demands is good. In the last 2 months (ok, 2 more days to go) – we had to cancel only 2 sessions (in the last minute) as Adhruth slept.

Adhruth has started following their demands and Therapists think he is doing much better than what they thought of. Also, on the lighter side, he is more interested to follow Therapist demands but play around ours 🙂 He knows the difference between Therapists and parents 🙂

We are looking forward to continue Home based ABA Therapy instead of next School Year. When Adhruth loves the process and puts effort – results will come. Looking forward for more surprises from Adhruth and he has always exceeded our expectations 🙂


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