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Thank You 2015 December 30, 2015

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Dear Adhruth,

2015 – Has been a year with mixed reactions.

Started with a Chiari de-compression Surgery, ABR, News of hearing aid, uncertainty of our stay in USA, Neuropsychology evaluations, Autism evaluations – being diagnosed as Autistic, change of school, new home, playing in snow – certainly had been a roller coaster ride without a doubt.

But, I always looks at great things you have done this year

  • You are Strong and recoveredΒ very quick after Surgery
  • We thought, you may not like hearing aid, but you proved us wrong and was very comfortable with it right from first week
  • I don’t understand how you calculate – but after we moved to new house, within one day, you exactly knew the location of our Apartment in a line of 7 and I still can’t figure out how you manage to keep count
  • Playing in snow and balancing yourselfΒ – last year when we ventured out to play in Snow, you were not very comfortable and was unable to walk easily. This year, your not only were happy, but played happily in Snow
  • You are understanding what we tell you, our emotions and more than happy ever to play with us
  • Threadmill walk – the way you walked comfortably in the first day of walking in a threadmill – you were very confident and happy
  • New School with an increased duration seemed to bother us initially more than you. You are good in getting adjusted with changes and surprised us again
  • Overall, you are certainly growing Stronger, Happier and more loving. I am sure with this as the base, everything will follow through in 2016. Looking for a very exciting 2016 with you.
Ever Loving
Appa Amma

One Response to “Thank You 2015”

  1. MythiliRamesh Says:

    Good to read about this.Way to go Adruth.

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