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Thank You Wilders School December 13, 2015

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If there was one thing, that we thought, deliberated a lot before shifting house out of Downtown – it was about change of Adhruth’s school – Wilders ECSE Class. 

Adhruth started going to the class in October 2013, when he completed 3 years. It was a big change for us – a kid who never left either me or Madhu has to go to School and go in a bus. The transition was much easier than we thought – a Huge Thanks to his Teachers. He would hesitate and would not be comfortable when we put his coat, hat, mittens but would come home happily from School in his bus with all those intact. We don’t know what Magic teachers do, but he was perfectly fine when they do.

With all the decisions that was pending and uncertainty that surrounded our stay in US, if there was one thing that I did not have to worry about – it was his School & Teachers. 

Adhruth has grown a lot during these 2 years at School – I still remember the photo his Teacher emailed me – this was in his first week or two at School when Fire Fighters visited School. Adhruth literally looks like a TOY in the hands of the fire fighter in their truck. Now, he is much more steady, easily walking, very comfortable with Teachers. 

Unfortunately, I don’t remember anything about my First School or Teachers. I don’t want Adhruth to be like that. His first ever School was at Minneapolis Public School – Wilders ECSE in his favorite Wendy Teacher class. Everything that he will become and grow – his foundation to School has been laid there. 

Last Tuesday, was his last day at School there. They had planned for a Fairwell and we both visited School that day. Certainly it was emotional for all the support and role in Adhurth’s development they have been part of. At times, the word THANKS betrays the emotion of what we want to share, but that is the only option. A HUGE THANKS TO THE TEACHERS AND SCHOOL.

We had his Introduction session at new School the very next day. It is certainly a bigger class with more kids and certainly with a sense of Gratitude for Wilders school, Adhruth will start his new class next Tuesday. Looking forward for a great rest of School Year…

Ready for School – August 2015

October 2013 – Meeting Fire Fighters


3 Responses to “Thank You Wilders School”

  1. Seethalakshmi Says:

    Adhruths school has been great and yes an unforgettable foundation for the future of his life
    Wishing him all the best in the new school also!!!

  2. Seethalakshmi Says:

    Adhruths school has been a great foundation and a memorable one and will be remembered for life. Good luck adhruth as you join a new school now

  3. Kathaperumal Says:

    It creates a very big positive opinion on US. I long to give US based education to my son at least for some months. great article with rightly balanced emotions

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