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A month after Surgery February 23, 2015

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Dear Adhruth

It has been a month now since your Surgery. Lots of good things, some things that made us upset but at the end it is all going to be good for you.

The last post received a lot of wishes, blessings and prayers for you and with the power of those, the Surgery was successful. Chairi decompression was done first followed by PE tubes for ears and then came the Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) to check on your hearing. They identified mild to moderate hearing loss in your Right ear and to correct that you need a Hearing aid in that ear. Since it is in one ear and the other one is fine, it creates an imbalance in hearing and hence what you hear is not clear at all. So far, we were thinking you were unable to understand or follow what we say, but now it was a big shift for now, what we say is not heard clearly for you first to understand.

Post surgery, your recovery in hospital and then home was good. You walked a bit on the next 2nd day after surgery and much better on 3rd day and we were back home 4th day. Your recovery at home was really good. You are certainly a very very strong boy who can overcome anything in life.

Therapist recommended a Pressure vest for you to make sure you feel calm and composed and that is showing amazing difference in how to perform activities.

We were worried if you will fix the hearing aid or will pull it off, but you surprised us with that again and ready to wear it easily. It is all going to be great time with all the new changes and excitedly looking forward for next few months.

Very proud of you and loving you so much.

With love

Amma, Appa


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