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Tomorrow is a BIG day January 22, 2015

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Dear Adhruth

There are some days that are edged into our memory. Till today 22nd is a day significant only in the month of October when we got married. But tomorrow is another day equally important and significant for us though it is January. Though, it is the second time you are going through a surgery procedure, this time it is much bigger – you are getting Operated for fixing ear tubes & Chiari I malformation in brain.

So far, we thought it was because of the syndrome, you were not following what we said, but it was a big news for us to understand and hear that you were going through a hearing loss due to infection in ear and a procedure needs to be done not only to fix tubes but to ensure hearing is intact. How did you inspite of this keep laughing and shaking your head and indicating to us what you. You are truly a hero.

If this news was not enough, what we learned next about your malformation in brain and how it was impacting your easy walking and running was certainly a great shocker. Though doctor said your body was getting tighter during walk and is obstructing your running, you keep walking better day by day and overcome this.

We are very sure after tomorrow your health is overall going to improve and with your attitude of keep smiling and overcome any obstacle you will rock after this.

Till today, I was speaking about surgery to others very confidently and for some reason starting to feel a bit different and I would say even nervous about tomorrow, but I am sure it is all going to be great. At the end of the day, we all know and are confident that this is going to be great for your future and we are only going to look at that from now on.

Everything you had gone through so far, is just to make sure this diagnosis happen and you start feeling better.

I wish I am like you, enjoying today completely, not aware what is coming up tomorrow. One thing you should know is the support from your Teachers, our friends, colleagues in my office are sharing. Everyone is holding you in their thoughts and prayers. Everything will go right and let’s stay STRONG…

Loving you so much…

With Love

Appa, Amma


3 Responses to “Tomorrow is a BIG day”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Adhruth is a very good boy with strong willpower and will undertake this operation also bravely and the operation will be very successful and will be very much better after the operation. We all pray for your speedy recovery. You got a very good parents who are taking care of you very well. All our prayers to the God will make the operation successful and you will feel much better after the operation. Thatha, patti, sithappa and sithi.

  2. Rajashree Says:

    Hey Adhruth brave boy….. We all want to see you come back in full form… Am praying specially for you and your parents .. You have wonderful parents who understand you, motivate you,comfort you and do the best for you …. .. we want to see Adhruth in full swing soon… Ummas… Stay blessed.

  3. Viswanathan K Says:

    Dear Ganesh & Madhu,
    We are just returned from our Trichy – our kula deivam pooja .. We come to know Chi Adhruth’s operations… We pray God to give him enough strength to recover from this and the best health after this surgery…. He will be a normal child hereafter and will pickup everything faster what he has lost in the past… We are with you mentally all the times and pray for the best to all of you… With Love,

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