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What is Adhruth going through…& his First day in School August 29, 2014

Whenever Me / Madhu do a Facebook post or speak about Adhruth’s school, it triggers lots of Private Messages – Is he not too young to go to School in US? Is he going to day care or is it real School? What School is that? Why is he going to School when he is not even 4? What does he speak now? Is he telling ABCD…? What rhymes he says?? Here is the answer on what is happening to Adhruth.


Adhruth diagnosed with Russell Silver Syndrome, and is impacted by Small for Gestation Age and is classified as Failure To Thrive. Adhruth has a G Tube for feeding. When I was young and was not ready to eat food, my Grand Mother always says “it is so easy if there is a zip in the stomach to put what we want”. Adhruth has this now in Stomach and gets around 60% of his nutrition and calorie intake through this. Because of these complexities, it is difficult for him to gain weight. He is little over 3.5 years old, and is 83 Cms tall and weights 10.8 KG (around 24 pounds). To make sure Adhruth catches up for his Age, he is currently on Growth Harmone injection (every night). The other aspect that comes along with this is his delayed milestone and sensitivity. What comes naturally for other Children will need some additional effort by Adhruth.


When I speak to anyone and tell Adhruth is 3.5 years, then they ask – Oh, what he does now and should he be doing this or that and what not. My only thought is Adhruth is special and he has been gifted to enjoy his young age for some more time. I don’t even know if I can go through what he is going through with medications, shots, therapies, hospital visits but he goes through everything looking at us and a smile when we speak to him. All that I know and only think of is A STRONG IN HEART GUY IS GETTING READY TO FACE ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD.


We never thought, “Why is this happening to us when all other kids are perfectly fine”. My Guru has always said “That kid needed a special Parents and only we are that Special parents who can take care of him”. Looking back, nothing other than Adhruth would have completed our life. There is never a question “Why are you making us go through this my GOD”. The only thought is “YOU know what is right for us and we will go through everything with complete FAITH for we YOUR HIS PLANS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. What are you preparing me for my LORD.


The reason to put this in this blog is not to feel sympathetic to Adhruth for what he goes through. The entire reason of starting is for us to look at the positive side of Adhruth and only relate to that. That’s why there is never a mention of this anywhere and this is the only place where it will be mentioned. I have strong faith that he will outgrow all of these and will be very fine and normal like other kids. The primary reason to share this here is
1. If you know or have a kid who has anything above, feel free to contact us to share what you go through and we can be of mutual support. Magic Foundation is an amazing place to visit online to see many details about RSS, Growth Hormone, SGA. We have met some extraordinary people ready to support and be available to support each other.

2. When you see a kid who is abnormal, just support the kid and what Parents go through and keep the inquisitiveness aside. At times, just smiling and appreciating the kid is the the best support you can do them.

One of the most fortunate thing that has happened to Adhruth and us in this journey, is being in US as we go through this as the medical facilities are much advanced here. Adhruth is certainly getting much better in the last couple of months and our faith will certainly see us go past this with peace.

Even as we go through this, there has been some amazing people who have always supported us, understood what we go through, stood by us, given us their shoulder for us to lean on. We are always indebted and grateful to them.


All said and done, Adhruth has started his School in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) from 27th for this School Year (he loved the classes last year as well) and here is how a happy kid goes to First day of School. He gets into the Bus right in front of our Apartment and goes to School alone, without either me or Madhu and comes back in the same Bus after school enjoying in his car seat in Bus. When we see this happy guy smiling at us and responding to “I love you Adhruth” everything we go through disappears. Loving you so much Adhruth.




8 Responses to “What is Adhruth going through…& his First day in School”

  1. Abhishek Kaushal Says:

    I love you Adruth!! You have amazing parents and you will make them proud one day.

  2. Rajashree Says:

    This is a beautiful post and I appreciate the open mind with which you have written this . You are right.. when Adruth was born God saw to it that he gets the Best parents in the world who can give him so much love, care and a very positive outlook. I can see Adruth is so blessed that he is sure to go miles and miles of smiles as he grows us. Wishing you three Love , Health and Happiness always..God Bless

  3. Just a little information I wanted to give: (Perhaps, you already know it) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar ( one of the most important names in Indian history during Renaissance period as he started to establish schools and college for girls with the help of lord McKinley and thus took a great initiation to re – start woman education in a huge manner and he also took great effort to pass the law for re marriage for widows. This law was especially very useful those days as women got married at their childhood with a very aged person to maintain the castes ans etc. and lost their husband at their early age and then for whole life they had to go through the tremendous sufferings due to useless rituals of our societies ) was also a sufferer from the similar syndrome and at his time there was neither g tube nor advance treatment for him and still he managed to educate himself in Sanskrit at such a level that he was awarded the title ‘Vidyasagar’ (which means ocean of knowledge) and was named from Ishwar Chandra Bandopadhyay to Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. So, my strong faith is that, no matter what health problem your child is going through, with the support and blessing from his special parents and with the support of much more modern medical system, he will be a very special person in future. Keep watching 🙂

  4. Anonymous Says:

    That was a lovely post subha. Adruth sure has best parents in the world and his parents are blessed with an awesome and loving child.

  5. Mohini Says:

    It’s an inspiring page for everybody not only for parents who have a child with above symptoms. This really inspired n motivates that with positive attitude how life can be made simple and beautiful. One can understand everything can be an learning and inspiring incident. It’s an grt way to look at what best we can do with what we have than looking at what is lost.
    Adruth is an champ on move, he is an inspiration and role model to all of his age and others too. An strength to so many parents how to happily accept n move ahead. Very proud of u adruth.
    Feeling so proud of u madhu and u Yagyaraman for the way u guys are upbringing him happily as parents. Hands off to both of u👍 wishing u all a great time n life ahead

  6. krispy1981 Says:

    Very touching Yagya..I personally feel every kid and parent is special. And you being a positive attitude person you are, it will make a ton of difference for adruth and he will thrive.

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