Adhruth Yagyaraman

Born To Win…

Washington DC Monuments August 20, 2014

Filed under: Status — Yagya @ 8:01 AM

We landed in DC on Saturday and realized that many monuments there are usually lit up for weekends on Friday & Saturday. Since we only had one chance, did not want to miss it up and headed to Washington Monument, Capitol, World War memorial, Lincoln memorial. Certainly a sight not to be missed (this remembered us of all our Trips to Mysore, which will always be on Sunday evening halt to see the Mysore Palace being lit).

Next day, we went to The Whitehouse (Madhu still thinks it is bad that Obama did not invite us or offer us a Coffee when we went to his Home all the way from Minneapolis), Martin Luther King Memorial, Roosevelt memorial, US Congress and Natural History museum. Never felt a trip to Museum would be so very enlightening and interesting. Lots of details about Human evolution, Gems, Mammals. We thought of being there for less than an hour but ended up spending around 2 hours there.


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