Adhruth Yagyaraman

Born To Win…

Madame Tussads Museum August 20, 2014

Filed under: Photo,Status — Yagya @ 8:13 AM

Although we heard that the Madame Tussads in New York is very good and big, we decided to visit both the Museums. We spent almost 1.5 hours in DC & around 2 hours in NY. DC is mostly with all Presidents of USA and exclusive Picture opportunity with President podium, Office room & Wax exhibit of Barrack Obama & First Lady.

Though we know it is all Wax exhibits the detailing that is done to each exhibit is so amazing. After the trip watched a video of how much goes into creation of exhibit. Certainly a dont miss video (More than 200 measurements of an artist is taken before making the exhibit, individual hair is focussed and made to look similar to the original person, eye color is matched against thousands of colors etc)

Certainly an amazing visit & lots of photo opportunity πŸ™‚


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