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What is Adhruth going through…& his First day in School August 29, 2014

Whenever Me / Madhu do a Facebook post or speak about Adhruth’s school, it triggers lots of Private Messages – Is he not too young to go to School in US? Is he going to day care or is it real School? What School is that? Why is he going to School when he is not even 4? What does he speak now? Is he telling ABCD…? What rhymes he says?? Here is the answer on what is happening to Adhruth.


Adhruth diagnosed with Russell Silver Syndrome, and is impacted by Small for Gestation Age and is classified as Failure To Thrive. Adhruth has a G Tube for feeding. When I was young and was not ready to eat food, my Grand Mother always says “it is so easy if there is a zip in the stomach to put what we want”. Adhruth has this now in Stomach and gets around 60% of his nutrition and calorie intake through this. Because of these complexities, it is difficult for him to gain weight. He is little over 3.5 years old, and is 83 Cms tall and weights 10.8 KG (around 24 pounds). To make sure Adhruth catches up for his Age, he is currently on Growth Harmone injection (every night). The other aspect that comes along with this is his delayed milestone and sensitivity. What comes naturally for other Children will need some additional effort by Adhruth.


When I speak to anyone and tell Adhruth is 3.5 years, then they ask – Oh, what he does now and should he be doing this or that and what not. My only thought is Adhruth is special and he has been gifted to enjoy his young age for some more time. I don’t even know if I can go through what he is going through with medications, shots, therapies, hospital visits but he goes through everything looking at us and a smile when we speak to him. All that I know and only think of is A STRONG IN HEART GUY IS GETTING READY TO FACE ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD.


We never thought, “Why is this happening to us when all other kids are perfectly fine”. My Guru has always said “That kid needed a special Parents and only we are that Special parents who can take care of him”. Looking back, nothing other than Adhruth would have completed our life. There is never a question “Why are you making us go through this my GOD”. The only thought is “YOU know what is right for us and we will go through everything with complete FAITH for we YOUR HIS PLANS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. What are you preparing me for my LORD.


The reason to put this in this blog is not to feel sympathetic to Adhruth for what he goes through. The entire reason of starting is for us to look at the positive side of Adhruth and only relate to that. That’s why there is never a mention of this anywhere and this is the only place where it will be mentioned. I have strong faith that he will outgrow all of these and will be very fine and normal like other kids. The primary reason to share this here is
1. If you know or have a kid who has anything above, feel free to contact us to share what you go through and we can be of mutual support. Magic Foundation is an amazing place to visit online to see many details about RSS, Growth Hormone, SGA. We have met some extraordinary people ready to support and be available to support each other.

2. When you see a kid who is abnormal, just support the kid and what Parents go through and keep the inquisitiveness aside. At times, just smiling and appreciating the kid is the the best support you can do them.

One of the most fortunate thing that has happened to Adhruth and us in this journey, is being in US as we go through this as the medical facilities are much advanced here. Adhruth is certainly getting much better in the last couple of months and our faith will certainly see us go past this with peace.

Even as we go through this, there has been some amazing people who have always supported us, understood what we go through, stood by us, given us their shoulder for us to lean on. We are always indebted and grateful to them.


All said and done, Adhruth has started his School in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) from 27th for this School Year (he loved the classes last year as well) and here is how a happy kid goes to First day of School. He gets into the Bus right in front of our Apartment and goes to School alone, without either me or Madhu and comes back in the same Bus after school enjoying in his car seat in Bus. When we see this happy guy smiling at us and responding to “I love you Adhruth” everything we go through disappears. Loving you so much Adhruth.




New York Times Square, Ripley Believe it or Not & 9/11 Memorial August 20, 2014

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This part of city comes to its best after lights are on. This place made me stay awake till Midnight 🙂

9/11 Memorial – a place where we thought we will spend 30 mins and come back to Times Square, but ended up being for 2 hours and was completely awestuck with details there and experience.


Statue of Liberty & Empire State Building

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An experience to treasure – a view that will be remembered for ever – view of New York City at night from 102nd Floor of Empire Statue building.

Statue of Liberty – stands tall in the island and a pride



Madame Tussads Museum

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Although we heard that the Madame Tussads in New York is very good and big, we decided to visit both the Museums. We spent almost 1.5 hours in DC & around 2 hours in NY. DC is mostly with all Presidents of USA and exclusive Picture opportunity with President podium, Office room & Wax exhibit of Barrack Obama & First Lady.

Though we know it is all Wax exhibits the detailing that is done to each exhibit is so amazing. After the trip watched a video of how much goes into creation of exhibit. Certainly a dont miss video (More than 200 measurements of an artist is taken before making the exhibit, individual hair is focussed and made to look similar to the original person, eye color is matched against thousands of colors etc)

Certainly an amazing visit & lots of photo opportunity 🙂


Washington DC Monuments

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We landed in DC on Saturday and realized that many monuments there are usually lit up for weekends on Friday & Saturday. Since we only had one chance, did not want to miss it up and headed to Washington Monument, Capitol, World War memorial, Lincoln memorial. Certainly a sight not to be missed (this remembered us of all our Trips to Mysore, which will always be on Sunday evening halt to see the Mysore Palace being lit).

Next day, we went to The Whitehouse (Madhu still thinks it is bad that Obama did not invite us or offer us a Coffee when we went to his Home all the way from Minneapolis), Martin Luther King Memorial, Roosevelt memorial, US Congress and Natural History museum. Never felt a trip to Museum would be so very enlightening and interesting. Lots of details about Human evolution, Gems, Mammals. We thought of being there for less than an hour but ended up spending around 2 hours there.


Birthday week vacation

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Me & Madhu have been thinking a lot about a vacation during our Birthday (Madhu – August 10 & mine – 12th), but it never materialized for a long time. This year, we decided to make it happen and planned for a Trip to Washington DC, Philadelphia & New York. 

First, I booked the flight ticket to get a good deal for 3 of us (Adhruth has his own ticket) and booked it from Minneapolis to DC for onward (August 9th) and return ticket booked it from New York to Minneapolis (August 17th)

Onward flight was around 8 AM. The plan was to wake up Adhruth early in the morning so that he can sleep in the flight. That plan worked out partially as he was awake for an hour and slept for the remaining one hour in the flight (expected more sleep :-)) 

Booked rental car through National car rental and plan was to pick up from DC and return the car in New York (during flight ticket booking, did not realize returning car to different place was expensive and would eat up into the deal of flight ticket. Then came to know of Work group discount for Personal car rental and that helped. 

Our hotel was around 25 mins drive from all Monuments and key places in DC (We were 30 mins drive from Times Square). For individual days, booked a spot for car parking in DC & NY so that we can walk around / take a cab for sight seeing. That made it easy commute with Adhruth, stroller, all food items, diapering needs for him. 

Stayed in DC for 3 days (Saturday noon through Tuesday morning). When we started from DC to Philadelphia (overnight stay there), it was a very heavy thunderstorm and the driving was very rough and very very less visibility for most part. Seeing the rain, after lunch we decided to skip Philadelphia as we will not be able to see anything there and instead extend New York by additional days. So finally, reached New York on Tuesdayevening and stayed there till Sunday morning. 

Finally, back to Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon after a week long Birthday fun. Though, we are growing old every Birthday, celebrating and happiness will make us young 🙂


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