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Phoenix Vacation March 16, 2014

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After a long time, it was time for a Vacation and Mythili Akka (Adhruth’s athai, Since akka needs to get used to being called Athai) invited us to Phoenix to join us for Sarayu’s spring break. We booked tickets almost 2 months in advance. Planning started from then on where to visit, what to do etc….Finally the day arrived and this is what we did…

March 7th – Evening flight to Phoenix and reached there by 8 PM
March 8th – Travel to Grand Canyon and back to Home
March 9th – Travel to LA for Disneyland
March 10th – Day out at Disneyland
March 11th – Day out at California Adventure Park
March 12th – Travel back to Phoenix
March 13th – Visit to Maha Ganapathi Temple of Arizona, Shopping and spend time playing with Sarayu
March 14th – Rest day and shopping to celebrate Ramesh Athimber’s birthday with a cake cutting
March 15th – Travel back to Minneapolis

Oh. Wow. What a fun week it was. There was many things we did for the first time with Adhruth and everything worked out Great. It was fun to see Adhruth go and bounce with Sarayu and Sarayu combing Adhruth’s hair and playing Gymnastics to entertain Adhruth.

Maha Ganapathi Temple of Arizona (Sarayu’s says thats the way we need to call the temple) was a very silent place and we were the only family there on that day. It almost appeared, entire temple was ours. Mythili athai prepared prasatham and we did neivethiyam to God and had prasadham there and came back home. Back from Temple, Athai dropped the guys (me and Appa) and the Girls (Amma, Sarayau akka and Mythili athai) went for Shopping – they were expected to come back after an hour and promptly came back in 3 hours πŸ™‚

Friday was Athimber’s birthday and we went to shop with Sarayu for getting a cake. Sarayu picked the “Best cake ever made” (that’s she calls the cake she picks up) for birthday. Sarayu drew a page full of hears for her appa. Athimber went to work and in the evening, we cut the cake and took pictures (what else we do)

Both onward & return journey, Adhruth slept for almost 2.5 hours out of 3 hours journey. That made it a easy.
Certainly one of the BEST vacations we ever had with family. Athai’s cooking is awesome and not just Adhruth, we all enjoyed it well (need to check weight once back in Minneapolis)
Here are picture of our stay in Phoenix and more blogs coming about Grand Canyon and LA visits.


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