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Adhruth’s trip to Grand Canyon March 16, 2014

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We reached Phoenix on Friday night 8 PM and the plan was to leave to Grand Canyon by 10 AM. But since this was our first day at Adhruth’s Mythili Athai’s place, and getting ready is not easy ;-), we started at 10:30 AM. Had good home made food and had it at Flagstaff enroute to Grand Canyon. Heard about Grand Canyon and never visualized the size of it. It was fun to see full roads and 5 mins from Car Park, the Huge Grand Canyon welcomed us.

I was wondering looking at that and stunned about Nature’s creativity to have this formation over Millions of Years. Spend good time, there and took pictures (lots of pictures, as usual). Madhu held Adhruth’s hand and was making him walk there and Sarayu joined to help her Adhruth baby brother and it was joy to see them walk together. Adhruth borrowed Sarayu’s coolers and posed with that too. At the Observation Center learnt about the formation and how this was created, but still was interested to look over the window and just WONDER NATURE’S CREATION.

We started from there around 6:30 and had dinner on the way back at Flagstaff and reached home around 10:30. This was my first day driving a VAN for around 80 miles and I did a reasonably good job (I am saying this)

Picture of Grand Canyon with us πŸ™‚


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