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Adhruth @ California Adventure Park – Video & Photos March 16, 2014

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After a 12 hour outing day, we were unsure of how Adhruth will take consecutive day of outing, but we got ready and reached the California Adventure Park at 10:15 AM, thinking we willl see the Parade at 5:15 PM and leave so that we can give him some rest.

This place was even more wonderful than Disneyland for us, becuase Adhruth was able to go in at least 5-6 rides. We started off at Bug’s land and completed 3 rides there with Adhruth. He enjoys it to the maximum when the ride takes us round and round, spin and go high from the ground. We did the Chew Chew train first and then the next ride was great. Worth the 20 mins wait and Adhruth laughed all the way when we were high and few meters from the ground. After a break for lunch, we went to Paradise Pier and it was more fun there.

Paradise Pier had a Carousel, where kids of all ages (and adults) were riding. I went in with Adhruth and did not take any animal, but sat on a sofa there in the ride and Adhruth was laughing and enjoyed the ride. We decided to it again immediately and now, me & Adhruth went on top of a Horse. Everytime the horse went up and down, Adhurth laughed a lot and enjoyed it to the maximum. At least in Dinseyland, he slept for 30 mins during lunch but today was no sleep and all fun day. We went in to the Parade at 5:15 PM (Ok. did not mention this. For both the Parades, we go in the last 20-30 mins and Mythili athai, Athimber and Sarayu akka got us places to see it the best). After the Parade, we were about to return to Hotel, but then decided we will do some more walk and explore the place even more. Then we decided to see the Shops in Disney Downtown and walk back home.

Sarayu watched Aladdin show and she was planning on Toy Story and Cars land next. She completed most rides in Paradise Pier and it was fun. Sarayu loves corn. We missed getting her corn in Disneyland but we made it today (she had her corn). Mythili athai would peel the corns from the corn corb and Sarayu loved eating those separately. I want to go back and be a kid πŸ™‚

In these two days, we saw how much Adhruth Cinnamon buns at the Hotel. We need to get him more of that now.

As we were shopping, we thought, how about seeing the “World of Colors” laser show as well. Will not regret that decision anytime because it was one such shows where we will forget to blink. Colorful water fountain and laser show with color depciting all Disney characters at the backdrop was huge Mickey laughing at us….Wow. It was 28 minute wonder that was displayed there. Adhruth slept at 8:30 and we turned home at 10 PM. Finally it ended up as another 12 hour outing with all fun and laugh.


Adhruth @ Disneyland – Parade Video & Photos

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Trip to LA started on Sunday morning at 11 AM (this time we were smart in planning to leave at 11 and started at 11). Saw cactus, cactus and more cactus of Arizona. Great visibilitiy of mountains all around and driving. We stopped at Blyth for lunch – which was again home cooked food by Mythili athai. After lunch, drivers changed and time to give some rest to Athimber and I drove. We reached close to LA and time for a short break and driver swap again. Athimber drove till we reached the Hotel.

We stayed at Quality Inn at the Anaheim Park, which is half a mile from Disneyland. Settled down at hotel, some good chat and discussion, dinner and time to sleep to get ready for Disneyland next day.

Good breakfast at Hotel and we started to Disneyland by walk from Hotel and reached there at 9:30. There was Mythili athai, Sarayu and Athimber waiting in line for us and we joined them (and cut short the time to enter). Wowwwwww. It was an absolute Fantasy land. At the end of the day felt as if we lived our day with Disney characters and we were all characters in their story. Adhruth enjoyed the Winnie the Poo ride as it was very colorful. Since Sarayu had planned earlier on the rides and areas she wanted to cover, we both decided on Divide and conquer :-). We spend a lot of time on Toon land and Adhruth enjoyed holding the Steering of the car. We took him to a play area and he seemed very familar with the slide and walked up the stairs holding my hand on one side and the rail on the other side. When the time to slide down came, he laughed and walked back and he attempted to walk the slide from down up… Enjoyed walking there in the play area. We took pictures with Pluto, Goofey and Adhruth was excited in watching all characters and play. He loved the music that was being played throughout the park and was dancing / shaking his legs in stroller. Sarayu was also busy finishing her rides and we met near the Winne the Poo ride and we got ready for the Parade at 7 PM.

It was a stunning experience at the Parade. With awesome Music, Dinsey characters all playing and having fun. 25 minutes of great excitement. It was great experience to see the audience (of all age group), celebrate and become kid in clapping, waving hands and giving flying kisses to the characters.

After the parade we returned to hotel around 9 PM. This was the first day with Adhruth where we stayed in Hotel and were roaming the entire day. Adhruth was very happy and excited. He slept only for 30 minutes during the entire day and was still happy and energetic. He slept at 9 PM and had a good undisturbed sleep till next morning.

Next day was California Adventure Park and we are getting ready for that….


Adhruth’s trip to Grand Canyon

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We reached Phoenix on Friday night 8 PM and the plan was to leave to Grand Canyon by 10 AM. But since this was our first day at Adhruth’s Mythili Athai’s place, and getting ready is not easy ;-), we started at 10:30 AM. Had good home made food and had it at Flagstaff enroute to Grand Canyon. Heard about Grand Canyon and never visualized the size of it. It was fun to see full roads and 5 mins from Car Park, the Huge Grand Canyon welcomed us.

I was wondering looking at that and stunned about Nature’s creativity to have this formation over Millions of Years. Spend good time, there and took pictures (lots of pictures, as usual). Madhu held Adhruth’s hand and was making him walk there and Sarayu joined to help her Adhruth baby brother and it was joy to see them walk together. Adhruth borrowed Sarayu’s coolers and posed with that too. At the Observation Center learnt about the formation and how this was created, but still was interested to look over the window and just WONDER NATURE’S CREATION.

We started from there around 6:30 and had dinner on the way back at Flagstaff and reached home around 10:30. This was my first day driving a VAN for around 80 miles and I did a reasonably good job (I am saying this)

Picture of Grand Canyon with us πŸ™‚


Phoenix Vacation

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After a long time, it was time for a Vacation and Mythili Akka (Adhruth’s athai, Since akka needs to get used to being called Athai) invited us to Phoenix to join us for Sarayu’s spring break. We booked tickets almost 2 months in advance. Planning started from then on where to visit, what to do etc….Finally the day arrived and this is what we did…

March 7th – Evening flight to Phoenix and reached there by 8 PM
March 8th – Travel to Grand Canyon and back to Home
March 9th – Travel to LA for Disneyland
March 10th – Day out at Disneyland
March 11th – Day out at California Adventure Park
March 12th – Travel back to Phoenix
March 13th – Visit to Maha Ganapathi Temple of Arizona, Shopping and spend time playing with Sarayu
March 14th – Rest day and shopping to celebrate Ramesh Athimber’s birthday with a cake cutting
March 15th – Travel back to Minneapolis

Oh. Wow. What a fun week it was. There was many things we did for the first time with Adhruth and everything worked out Great. It was fun to see Adhruth go and bounce with Sarayu and Sarayu combing Adhruth’s hair and playing Gymnastics to entertain Adhruth.

Maha Ganapathi Temple of Arizona (Sarayu’s says thats the way we need to call the temple) was a very silent place and we were the only family there on that day. It almost appeared, entire temple was ours. Mythili athai prepared prasatham and we did neivethiyam to God and had prasadham there and came back home. Back from Temple, Athai dropped the guys (me and Appa) and the Girls (Amma, Sarayau akka and Mythili athai) went for Shopping – they were expected to come back after an hour and promptly came back in 3 hours πŸ™‚

Friday was Athimber’s birthday and we went to shop with Sarayu for getting a cake. Sarayu picked the “Best cake ever made” (that’s she calls the cake she picks up) for birthday. Sarayu drew a page full of hears for her appa. Athimber went to work and in the evening, we cut the cake and took pictures (what else we do)

Both onward & return journey, Adhruth slept for almost 2.5 hours out of 3 hours journey. That made it a easy.
Certainly one of the BEST vacations we ever had with family. Athai’s cooking is awesome and not just Adhruth, we all enjoyed it well (need to check weight once back in Minneapolis)
Here are picture of our stay in Phoenix and more blogs coming about Grand Canyon and LA visits.


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