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San Francisco Trip August 25, 2013

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August 3rd week, I had an Official trip to San Francisco for a week and decided to take Madhu & Adhruth along and reach there a day early to do some sight seeing. This was our first domestic flight trip in USA. Trip was very smooth. We carried Adhruth’s car seat and stroller along with us to use there. Adhruth slept in the flight to SFO for 2 hrs and while returning back he slept for 3 hrs in a 3.5 hrs flight :-). The rear facing car seat in the flight was very comfortable as he was able to see us always with ease (when awake).

We went to Pier 39 on the Weekend. VIsited the Aquarium in Pier 39, some shopping there and good view and sight seeing. During the week days, in the evenings we started visiting few places after work – China Town, California Street, Downtown SFO, Golden Gate bridge, San Matio bridge and drive through approximately 9 miles bridge across the bay.

The Hotel we stayed was looking at the Bay and view was amazing. Sun rise from the hotel was an extraordinary experience.

Fishes in the Aquarium was an extraordinary view and it was a great tunnel to look through and walk. Adhruth was excited to see things around everywhere and most importantly somethings over his head grabbed his attention. California street was a very steep street. Decided to drive in that and after a while, decided to turn and go into a different road as it was too steep and signals along with vehicles in the behind made me change direction.

Sunrise pictures captured from our Room. What an amazing experience to watch this everyday.


Birthday Weekend in Duluth August 12, 2013

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Our birthday Weekend – August 10th (Madhu) & August 12th (mine) we decided to celebrate in Duluth and booked a hotel in Duluth and drove. It was fun to drive 157 miles in under 2.5 hours and unlimited fun. When we started from Minneapolis, Adhruth slept immediately after we crossed Downtown and woke up only when we reached the Hotel. When returning back also, Adhruth slept immediately after coming out of Duluth and woke up only after reaching Minneapolis. That made the drive very easy. It was fun in Duluth with Shopping, Harbor Cruise, Lake and Train. Here is the pictures of the trip.


Adhruth in Khurtha & Adi Kiruthigai in Temple August 5, 2013

For the first time in Minneapolis Adhruth was dressed up in a Khurtha pyjama and we attended the Adi Kiruthigai festival in Hindu Temple of Minnesota. It was fun because we left home at 10:30 AM and reached temple at 11 AM. Adhruth slept in the car and we thought he will continue after reaching temple. The moment we reached the temple he woke up (slept for 15 mins only) and started enjoying the festival there. When they took Murugar out for kavadi and pal kudam, he was so happy and wanted to dance (he was dancing in my shoulder). After kavadi, we reached the kovil again and there they did all abishekams. Adhruth was enjoying everything and was seeing all abishekams. After that, prashadham and then food for Adhruth and then our lunch in the Temple. Amazing Sambhar sadham, Pudhina sadham, Coconut sadham and Curd rice. Super food for Adi 18th. Overall a great visit to temple.


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