Adhruth Yagyaraman

Born To Win…

Como Zoo & Stillwater May 28, 2013

This was a Long Weekend due to Memorial Day. Weekend started on Friday evening with a trip to Lake of Isles. Wow. What a scenic lake with amazing houses around the lake. Very silent and calm. Great place to enjoy a quiet evening. Had a good walk around the lake.

On Saturday, we had been to Como Zoo. Drive was good and the place was great. Lots of trees, green grass around – looked like a typical movie location. Adhruth was all happy and shouting and making noises in the Zoo, seeing the Girafee, Zebra, Tiger, Lion and Polar Bear. It was such a good experience. His last zoo visit was in Mysore and this was much better than the earlier one for him to see and observe.

On Sunday, went to Stillwater city. Though I had been there once earlier, this time it was different story. There isΒ aΒ Main street with lots of shops, antique items, hand bags, jewellery for ladies (almost everything was for ladies except for one or two shops). After some shopping, had good food at Green Room restaurant. The owner chef there has worked in Indian places and prepared good Indian food (spicyyyyy)

Here are the pictures of the trip. Between the Saturday and Sunday trip, I got Nikon D5100 camera and Stillwater was a good place to explore the new camera πŸ™‚


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