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My dear Adhruth… March 27, 2013

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Dear Adhruth

It is little over 50 days in Minneapolis now.

You are walking inside the house a lot and enjoying the place. It is fun to take you for a walk in the evening. We walk and you are in the Stroller enjoying the whole walking. 45 mins to an hour in the Sky-way goes off fast as you enjoy looking at people – smiling and laughing. You are enjoying it to the level that you become all jumpy when you see us taking the Stroller out from its place and keep it ready. You are jumping out of joy to get into that.

Your food habits have improved a lot and you are enjoying rice and more solids food. The Vanilla flavored Soya milk is one of your favorite now.

You love playing (throwing) the spoons and cutlery and love the sound it makes. When Dishwasher is open, it is difficult to keep you in the Living room. You run to the dishwasher ready to grab the spoons (is it before wash or after doesn’t matter to you) and play with that.

One thing you resist a lot is when we keep you in the Rear facing car seater and buckle you up. You want to jump out of and stand in the car seat. iPad is making you calm at those moments. You will certainly enjoy the car seat and look and enjoy the view outside during Spring.

You might not even know you are in Minneapolis :-), but the way you are enjoying and being happy tells me to be happy, fun and joyful irrespective of wherever I am and whatever I do.

We are unable to understand what you say and you cannot understand what we say… does it make a difference, we both love each other a lot :-).

Loving you so much

Yagyaraman & Subhashree

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Adhruth in Minneapolis March 4, 2013

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Its now a month since we have reached Minneapolis. We have settled down comfortably and now capturing the whole journey and the last month.

Travel from Bangalore to Minneapolis was much better with Adhruth than what we thought for. On the last day we bought the Car Seater to keep in Flight in Adhruth’s seat as he cannot sit in the seat for the entire journey. That helped a lot. Till Paris, he slept for almost 70% of the trip. We went for a walk of 2 rounds in the flight and he was very comfortable. Break in Paris helped him to settle down and do some walking in the Airport. Got ready for the next flight and Adhruth again slept for most of the trip. He ate and drank little due to less activity but it was very comfortable.

He overcame jetlag in a week and is now enjoying the stay. We shifted from the Hotel where we stayed for a week to Symphony Apartments (fully furnished) for the next 3 weeks. Now we are fully settled down in rented apartment. Adhurth has lot of space to walk around the house. He is enjoying throwing things around.


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