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Adhruth is 2 Years… October 3, 2012

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Dear Adhruth

This day – 3rd October

This time – 7:42 AM

Its exactly 2 years since you came into our lives. Happy Birthday our sweet darling. Wishing you most and more. Have an exceptional year ahead.

What a great blessing to have you in our life. You can certainly changed us for good in many aspects in these 2 years. Patience, relationship are few things you are teaching us practically after you have come into our lives. Its an amazing experience speaking to you and you observing our facial expressions to understand what we say and respond back with some sounds and happiness. It appears though, you are telling us something and its just that we are not yet understanding that.

The way you are enjoying doing every activity makes me to think if I am doing thing in life with the same happiness. Now that you have learnt to take few steps independently, you are so joyous, happy, proud of your latest achievement that everyone thinks you are almost running and not walking.

Its such a pleasure being with you, taking care of you, speaking with you, playing games with you and going for a walk outside with you – everything is such a memorable experience.

Thanks a lot for coming into our lives and making it much more enjoyable.

Loving you so much

Yagyaraman & Subhashree


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