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Adhruth – Crawling, Walking & Playing July 29, 2012

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Adhruth does not stay in one place now and he enjoys moving around the whole house. It is fun watching him do all this. He holds sofa, bed, table and starts walking around them a lot.

Here are pictures of Adhruth playing around and video of his recent Games.


Adhruth’s latest Games July 16, 2012

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It was an amazing experience to see Adhruth after 3 weeks of Minneapolis trip. He was sleeping when I reached home. In the morning, after he woke up, I saw and smiled at him. His expression on seeing me was something I will never forget. He had a broad smile, made some noise and stretched in arms asking me to carry him and the moment I carried him, he was in laugh all through and enjoyed my cuddling and kisses a lot.

His activities (naughtiness) have increased a lot. We had bought staking rings for him and he enjoys putting it out and removing all rings from the pole. In the Shape Size sorter, he enjoys throwing all shapes outside and keeping the box completely clean. He wants everything in front of him completely clean and to achieve that, throws anything that comes his way πŸ™‚

When he is playing the sofa cum bed, if we sit in that or keep hands when he is playing, he makes loud noise and stops only when we are out of that. He now holds things and goes round and enjoys walking a lot. Its more walking time now than lying down time.

When we open the Laptop in house, he immediately comes towards that and wants the wireless mouse. I had bought a new toy laptop for him and it makes good noise but it is yet to attract him a lot :-). Certainly, missed him a lot during Minneapolis trip and now enjoying every activity of his.

Video of his latest attagasams…


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