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Adhruth – the Crawler May 14, 2012

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Last Wednesday (May 9) had been an extraordinary day as Adhruth touched another Milestone – he started crawling. All of a sudden, he went into crawling mode and started moving around. It was such an experience watch him do that. When some interesting objects are kept before him, he crawls to reach for that and when we move it further, he comes forward to get that (earlier he used to rotate and reach the object).

The distance he crawls has increased in last couple of days. He now crawls from one room to another and enjoys doing that. In fact, he has started following us crawling. Holding the handles of cupboards, he attempts to open them and when he is not able to do that, he stands up holding that and sees what can be done next.

It is an amazing experience being with him and enjoy every new activity of his. Here is the video of our hero crawling.


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