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Adhruth – the Boss….Motta Boss May 25, 2012

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Operation Adhruth Tonsure was planned on May 23rd. Me, Madhu, Adhruth & Madhu’s mother travelled in an Innova the previous night after Adhruth slept. He was sleeping peacefully in the car seater till around 1 AM and from then on started playing till 2.30 AM. He then continued his sleep after that till we reached the place of stay in Tirupathi. Madhu’s father walked from Tirupathi to Tirumala and joined us directly. After reaching the place of stay and meeting my Father, Mother, we all decided to do one important thing – Sleep πŸ™‚

At the planned time of 11 AM in the place of tonsure, Adhruth was first sitting in my appa’s lap but was crying after few minutes. Hence transferred him to my lap. His crying reduced after the person there adjusted his head position. Once the tonsure was done, he looked totally different. The lot of curly hair was reduced to one smooth motta thalai.

After that, we again came to the Hotel, took bath and again rested. Adhruth used to hold his hair and shout at times when he wants to tell us something. He did the same in the room, but nothing was there in his head. Not sure if he found it difficult or not, it was very different to see the motta thalai for all of us.

After a wonderful darshan in the evening, we all started to Bangalore again. Reached home at 4 AM in the morning. Here are the pictures of the whole episode. It was such an wonderful experience in Tirupathi.


Adhruth’s new Avatar May 16, 2012

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Today was one of those days where Adhruth was in a very playful mood and Madhu had camera handy to take some cool pictures. First Madhu’s amma had put a Kudumi to the cute boy and Madhu immediately wore him a good Panchakajam / Pyjama dress which was very similar to Vadivelu’s body soda dress except in white color.

Adhruth changed his expression multiple times within few minutes and it was amazing to capture everything.

Here is “Enga Veetu Body Soda”


Adhruth – the Crawler May 14, 2012

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Last Wednesday (May 9) had been an extraordinary day as Adhruth touched another Milestone – he started crawling. All of a sudden, he went into crawling mode and started moving around. It was such an experience watch him do that. When some interesting objects are kept before him, he crawls to reach for that and when we move it further, he comes forward to get that (earlier he used to rotate and reach the object).

The distance he crawls has increased in last couple of days. He now crawls from one room to another and enjoys doing that. In fact, he has started following us crawling. Holding the handles of cupboards, he attempts to open them and when he is not able to do that, he stands up holding that and sees what can be done next.

It is an amazing experience being with him and enjoy every new activity of his. Here is the video of our hero crawling.


Adhruth’s favourite game May 12, 2012

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Adhruth’s favourite games is to climb on the sofa cum bed and play in that. Now we have kept a bean bag there in one side so that he does not come / fall from that side. He now enjoys climbing in the bed, playing with bean bag and in case he falls down he laughs a lot as it is very soft. In fact for the enjoyment he does it again and again.

Here is a 3 minute 45 seconds video of Adhruth playing in the sofa cum bed.


“Adhruthi” comes home… May 1, 2012

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Next Month we are going to Tirupathi to tonsure Adhruth’s hair. Now it is almost 19 Months and hair has really grown too much. Before the tonsure, we wanted to decorate Adhruth with a Pavadai Chattai Kudumi & Poo. Timing coincided with Adhruth’s Great Grandfather (Madhu’s thatha) coming from Chennai to play with Adhruth.

Here is the amazing “Adhruthi”…After the kudumi and bangles, he was feeling restless as he has been decorated so much. He finished the photos sessions in the midst of some crying and was very relaxed after coming back to his regular attire πŸ™‚


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