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Adhruth Standing on his own legs!!! April 23, 2012

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Last couple of weeks had been great with Adhruth developing lots of new activities and games. He loves to climb the Sofa cum bed and play in that. He does not allow anybody to come close that when he plays. He makes loud noices asked us to vacate the place for him. All that we can do is sit on the floor near the Sofa and can’t enter it πŸ™‚

When we sit near him, he holds our legs, hand and stands next to us holding us. He catches the sofa and walks through the length of the sofa slowly. When Madhu holds his hands, he takes few steps and goes forward.

4 Tooth are now very clearly visible and he enjoys biting my ear πŸ™‚ when I carry him. He wants something in his mouth to chew and is enjoying the same.

He is fully on a playful mood when he sees me coming from Office. It had been an excellent feeling. When we are near him and he wants us to carry him, the jumps in the ground and stretches his hand telling us to lift him.

Adhruth now recognizes when we are getting ready to leave home anywhere outside and shouts a lot in happiness. His recent game in the car is to catch the steering wheel :-). Earlier, he used to sleep in the Car seater, now he wants to stand and play in that.

Every second is much more enjoyable, fun and happy experience with Adhruth πŸ™‚

A 3 minute video of Adhruth’s recent games. Towards the end he climbs the sofa and lands on the other side…


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