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Adhruthin Thiruvilayadal…(Adhruth’s Games) March 20, 2012

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Adhruth has started playing a lot now a days. When we leave him anywhere in the hall, his first place to reach is the sofa cum bed that is one corner of the hall and he enjoys climbing on that from the floor and playing in the bed. Once he reaches there, he likes to look at the other side of the bed. When we sit in that to just make sure he does not fall, he makes loud noice and does not allow us to touch him or move him away and give him his place for playing. Its all fun watching him do this. Here is the video of that climbing the sofa from the ground.

Video of Adhruth climbing the Sofa-cum-bed in the hall. Here is the Video of his excitement.


One Response to “Adhruthin Thiruvilayadal…(Adhruth’s Games)”

  1. Chandra Says:

    Looks like this is just part1…

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