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Adhruth’s first Mysore Trip March 27, 2012

Day 1

It was a trip planned within 3 days. Me & Madhu have done multiple trips to Mysore and this is a place we enjoy a lot. Now, for the first time planned for the trip with Adhruth.

Decided to start from Home at 5 AM so that Adhruth would be still sleeping. Usually he wakes up around 7 and we would have covered most of the trip then. We started the car at 5 AM and immediately Adhruth woke up. He was trying to see through the window but as it was dark he was quietly coming in the car. He slept for around 30 mins before our breakfast in Kamat Lokaruchi. Reached Ginger Hotel at 9AM.

After checkin and settling down decided to take some rest and get ready for lunch here. Adhruth started sleeping at 12 and continued till 2.45 PM when we had to wake him up as we both got ready and had to leave to Zoo :).

Adhruth got ready and we reached the Zoo (5 mins drive from Hotel). Got the ticket for going through the Zoo in battery operated car. This is one Zoo me & Madhu had enjoyed waking the last time we came here. It takes close to 3 hrs. This battery car trip is 1 hour trip and they stop at important places for us to take pictures. Adhruth was shouting & screaming a lot. Mysore is little hot than Bangalore and we thought it was because of that but he was enjoying seeing soo many people around (we thought so) :).Β  For the first time so far, he got his water bottle and was drinking from it by himself.

After the Zoo, we headed towards Karanji Lake & Nature park which was another 10 mins drive from Zoo. It was good natural park with some great place to walk and benches to relax. We then reached to the Lake and it was amazing with a huge fountain of water in the middle. We decided to do a rowing boat ride with a driver along with Adhruth. Somehow, Adhruth did not enjoy it fully and was crying. After we got down, he was fine and came back to the Hotel and he played for sometime before sleeping around 8 PM.

I am typing this in iPhone about day 1 and we are planning to go to Mysore Palace tomorrow. Excited about the same.

Day 2 – Mysore Palace

Day two started in a great way. Adhruth would usually get up minimum 4 times while sleeping in the night just got up twice. Looks like he is enjoying sleeping in AC room :). Time to get a AC at home has come :). We got ready, had breakfast and went to Mysore palace. After clicking photos from outside entered into a place which stands evidence to the royal King life of Mysore. Adhruth was awake all through the walk in the palace. But he was more interested and excited about so many people around him than the palace. In fact he touched and called three uncles as we walked around. He made huge noises and shouts in the Palace. As we came out of Palace and entered Cauvery – Government shop, he started sleeping. Got 3 ties as a Gift from Madhu :-). After some shopping on the roads, came to Hotel. It’s almost an hour and half and Adhruth is still sleeping. Time to take some rest before the evening.

Mysore Palace is lit on all Sundays from 7PM – 8 PM. This is something me & Madhu have never missed in our trips to Mysore. It is a sight to watch. We started at 5PM from the Hotel and went to D.D Urs road for some shopping but since it was Sunday evening, most of the Shops were closed. But still got some clothes for Adhruth :-). For the first time, we saw Adhruth taking a one liter water bottle that I was drinking and he kept it near his mouth telling he wanted Water. It was amazing πŸ™‚

Entered Palace at 6:30 and went into a temple inside the palace. We were standing in front of the Palace and exactly at 7PM the entire palace was lit and there was a huge noice in excitement. Took pictures in front of the Palace and enjoyed the light.

At 8 PM, checked out and started back to Bangalore. On the way back, in Channapatna got a Horse & Walker made out of wood for Adhruth and reached home around mid night.

Overall, it has been an exciting, fun and jolly trip for 3 of us, special thanks to Adhruth.


Adhruthin Thiruvilayadal…(Adhruth’s Games) March 20, 2012

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Adhruth has started playing a lot now a days. When we leave him anywhere in the hall, his first place to reach is the sofa cum bed that is one corner of the hall and he enjoys climbing on that from the floor and playing in the bed. Once he reaches there, he likes to look at the other side of the bed. When we sit in that to just make sure he does not fall, he makes loud noice and does not allow us to touch him or move him away and give him his place for playing. Its all fun watching him do this. Here is the video of that climbing the sofa from the ground.

Video of Adhruth climbing the Sofa-cum-bed in the hall. Here is the Video of his excitement.


Naughty Adhruth March 12, 2012

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Adhruth has started playing a lot these days. He enjoys playing in his chair with his set of toys. He enjoys rolling under the dining table, going to every corner of the house. Today, he has started rolling in the sofa and going to the head rest and climbing it and seeing what is there on other side. Here are the recent set of photos and videos of Adhruth.

Video of Adhruth climbing the sofa’s head rest.


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