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Adhruth is 500 Days Young now – வெற்றிகரமான 500வது நாள் February 14, 2012

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Dear Adhruth

Loving you so much our dear darling. Today is 500th day since you were born. It is also coinciding with Valentine’s day.

Looking back at the journey of 500 days, we had our share of everything, but Me & Madhu will always remember these as our Happiest times.

There were times earlier when we would want you to sleep during day so that we can have some rest, but now when you sleep longer we feel very bored as you are not around to play with us.

You are seeing lots of advertisements these days :-). In fact it is during those gaps we have to feed you as you become oblivious to everything around you :-). If any of us stand between you and the TV during those moments, you shout and make loud noise as if telling us to move. But when anything else is going on in TV, you are not that glued to it.

Earlier, when we used to speak louder near, you will start crying thinking we are shouting at you. Now, when we speak louder you peacefully doze off to sleep.

After Madhu dresses you up, you start shouting the moment she combs your hair and applies cream and stop only after she is done. Within moments she completes combing, the first thing you do his to completely shake it off by putting your hand in the hair.

You like to go under the sofa in Thatha’s house and start shouting from there to just let us know you are there. You play a lot under that and come from the other side when you are done :-). It is such a nice experience watching you do that.

Making you sleep in our arms or laps by singing songs is the most blissful moment for both of us. It is such a peaceful experience watching you sleep in our hands.

We purposely give paper in your hand so that you enjoy tearing those and putting it around you.

Overall, you have completely changed things around for us in the last 500 days. Thank you so much our dearest darling.

– Yagyaraman & Subhashree

PS – I have set this blog to auto publish the exact time you were born – 7:42 AM


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