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Adhruth’s latest Milestones January 11, 2012

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Dear Adhruth

Just now we are back from a doctor appointment. It was such a great fulfilling and satisfactory experience today. You were able to do all these in the last week.

1. You sat down in the mid of the hall without any support for 15 mins

2. You were able to sit without your hands supporting you for few mins

3. You are now holding 2 heavy objects in both the hands and playing with both together dashing each other

4. You are now able to stand holding Madhu’s hands for less than a minute

Doctor told you are very smart and on track on these milestones. In fact the moment we entered the doctor’s room youΒ identifiedΒ it was not our home and started crying. Doctor had to hide and see all your milestones as you start crying when you see her. In the last couple of visits, you would cry the moment you see her, but today at the end of the session, you allowed doctor to touch your cheeks and shake hands with you. Great going Adhruth…

On the lighter note – Madhu took a magazine to read now and you got it from here and you tore that into few pieces today πŸ™‚

– Your loving Dad & Mom

Here is the Video of your today’s activities


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