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Adhruth Reading Book & Playing Guitar January 1, 2012

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Adhruth wore a new set of dress for the New Year today. It was fun and we planned it ahead about the color of the dress. Today, we got a Hard bound book, “My Nursery Rhymes Board Book” as a gift for a purchase. Usually when Adhruth takes any book in his hand, it immediately goes to his mouth and then he tears the pages in the book and enjoys with that activity. He attempted to do the same with this book, but he was not able to do it as it was hard bound. He tried rotating it in all direction to see if he can tear it from any side but was not able to. It was fun moment when he did that.

Next he rolled around and took the Guitar and starting playing with it. I was sitting near him on both theΒ occasions with Camera and captured the entire fun.

Video of Adhruth reading Book and then Playing Guitar


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