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Born To Win… is One Year Old November 2, 2011

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Dear Adhruth

Last year, in the last week of October is when we decided the name of Adhruth for you. Within a day or two, immediately we blocked the website address for you. I published few back dated post of how we felt after your birth in the site. On November 5, (last year Diwali date), we announced to family that there is a site now in which your pictures will be uploaded and they can now see it online. Everyone were happy.

Slowly I started taking some videos of your and mix it with some Lullabies or Baby Songs and started Publishing that in the site so that your movements are captured.

From what was started to capture your movements & growth this turned out to be our expression and communication to you. From being others able to see the site, it slowly turned out to be how would you feel when you are grown up and see everything right from your birth. It was this one thought that made me continue this journey.

We have few photos of our Childhood that we cherish every time we see it & now, you will have a whole site to cherish your Childhood.

You have made me become more expressive. I have never written so muchΒ similarΒ to what I have written in this site. This is my way of expressing my love & happiness with you Adhruth.

Thanks a lot for making this journey the most exciting journey for us, our darling.


Yagyaraman & Subhashree

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