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First Diwali with Adhruth @ Home October 27, 2011

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It was fun, exciting doing the shopping for Diwali. For the first time, I bought crackers for Adhruth, my darling son. It was an exceptional feeling doing to my Son, what I have seen my father do to me for so many years. Amazing feeling…

My dress was the last to come home (because I shopped for it the day before Diwali). MTR Sweets, Mixtures and most importantly Gulab Jamun – what more to ask for. There is a Standard Cracker shop very close to our house (hardly 150 metres). It was a different experience shopping for Cracker in Bangalore compared to Chennai. In Chennai, the MRP printed on box does not make any sense at all as they have a different sheet (not sure how it is there in recent years). In this shop and all places in Bangalore, it is sold at discount from MRP (60% discount from MRP). Even then, the MRP printed was unimaginable. Finished shopping and started celebrations on Tuesday evening.

Went to the Terrace at 8 PM and started with Flower Pots, Sparklers & Chattai. Adhruth was enjoying everything and was looking into those and smiling. We all gave one sparkler in his hand and he held that for few seconds. Evening episode was complete in an hour.

The Diwali day morning, all of us got ready (including Adhruth) and completed few Thara Chakkaram. From there headed to Ground Floor for “Red Fort Sara Vedi”. Adhruth cried for the sound of vedi and so we stopped it.

In the evening, we went to Terrace & there again Adhruth enjoyed “Red Coconut” & “Platinum Rain” light works. Adhruth had been in 3 different dress in this Diwali. Overall, it was such an amazing, happy, satisfying feeling after celebrating Diwali.

PS – Diwali & more firework happened on Wednesday night and it was so much that we were unable to sleep amidst that sound πŸ™‚

Happy Diwali…


Adhruth – Birthday Party October 19, 2011

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Celebrated Adhruth’s Birthday Party in Nandhini Palace on 2nd October 2012.

  • Balloon arrangement & Decoration done was amazing, super.
  • We had arranged for “Chota Bheem” cake
  • Great experience (and good lessons learnt) in First time shopping for Return gifts for the kids
  • Arranged Projector & screen to Play a 30 minute movie on Adhruth’s Journey of last one year (Coming Soonnn)Β (felt very happy on seeing that)
  • Tattoo painting & Caricature for the kids was huge success… πŸ™‚
  • Felt very happy to see almost everyone whom we had invited. Thanks a lot all to make it such a memorable day for all of us.

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Some random pics of the Party…

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VideoΒ compilationΒ of all 166 Photos (with music)


Adhruth 365 – Consolidated Video

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Created this video consolidating the Best Videos taken during the exciting Journey of Parenthood. We played this in the Birthday Party of Adhruth on 2nd October 2012. Everyone, enjoyed this a lot. Thought of saving this in the site. Enjoyyyyyy


Adhruth – Ayushomam Photos & Photo Video

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Adhruth’s Ayushomam (First Star Birthday) was on 23rd September 2011. Here are the pictures & videos of the function taken by Kali uncle, our family friend who is a Professional Photographer

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Video Compilation of all 227 Photos


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