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Festival fun & Adhruth reading Newspaper September 2, 2011

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Last two days has been holidays due to Eid & Vinayaka Chathurthi, so enjoying @ home with Madhu & Adhruth.

Tuesday evening, we were out shopping for Vinayaka Chathurthi and Adhruth was dressed up in newly bought dress with socks :-).

For a change, these socks remained in legs for a long time (usually Adhruth does something moving his legs and is successful in getting those out within half an hour.

When doing the Pooja for Vinayakar, we got Adhruth and he was sitting in Madhu’s lap. As Madhu was moving the bell (mani adicha), Adhruth immediately stretched the hand, wanting that. Once it was given to Adhruth, he thought it was another toy for him and started taking it to his month & chew. He found it difficult to move freely unlike his other toys due to weight and was immediately ready to give it to me when I gave his toy in return. It was fun watching him trying to move that mani.

Adhruth usually comes & takes the paper when I open the Newspaper. Yesterday I thought of capturing that and opened the paper and switched on the video. Aha. What a fun. He took the entire sheet of first and last paper and started rolling inside that and it completely covered Adhruth. After all efforts he finally came across the paper successfully. Here are the pictures.

Here is the video of Adhruth reading Newspaper.


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