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Birthday Week @ Home August 12, 2011

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This week is very special for our family πŸ™‚

August 10th is Madhu’s birthday & August 12th is mine. Most importantly, this year is our First Birthday after becoming Parents. What a moment of celebration with Adhruth.

Going for shopping for getting dresses with Adhruth, gifting each other and saying “Adhruth asked me to gift this to you” is certainly moments to live by.

Adhruth has started rolling tooooo much in the last couple of days and that is again Birthday special. Volume of his shouting has increased a lot (should be in his DNA). He just recovered from fever this week, just in time for all the celebrations.

Most important, Adhruth asked me to gift Madhu a Samsung Wave II Mobile and I did it :-). He has asked Madhu to gift me a geared bicycle (bike) and she has also done that. Here are the pictures….

Thanks Adhruth for making our Birthdays more enjoyable and pleasant.


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