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Adhruth with Grand Parents – Vishamakkara Kannan July 25, 2011

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It was another great week and a greater Weekend. Amma has come from Chennai to be with us during the week. Appa has come over the Weekend to Chennai. They are seeing big difference in Adhruth as it is almost 4 months since they last saw Adhruth.

Had been to Forum Value Mall for our Birthday shopping and saw an wonderful Krishnar dress for Adhruth. Planning to use that for his first birthday (Yes. it is going to be one year in next 2 months). Β The audio for the video is “Vishamakkara Kannan” (as we got his new Krishnar dress)


One Response to “Adhruth with Grand Parents – Vishamakkara Kannan”

  1. Seethalakshmi Says:

    very very very lovely photos and video – choreographed well by GOD! Did he finally wake up the sleeping thatha or no?! – we like this very much!

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