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9 Months with Adhruth July 5, 2011

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It is an amazing journey to see & experience Adhruth grow. Enjoying every second with him. Recent changes:

1. When we give him any toy to play, initially he used to hold it not knowing what to do. Now, he plays it the same way we show him

2. Adhruth enjoys someone speaking to him. Looks like, he clearly understands how we speak to him. When we smile at him and speak happily he smiles and laughs. When we speak normally, he listens and watches us speak.

3. He covers the entire hall, rolling

4. He used to enjoy the sounds that comes out of his gym, and now he has learnt how to topple it and enjoys toppling it and rolling and moving away from that

5. Started feeding with Fruits & Vegetable Juices


2 Responses to “9 Months with Adhruth”

  1. Mythili Says:

    Nice to see Adruth is growing and keeping up with the milestone. He looks pretty with thilagam not vatta pottu

  2. maha Says:

    Very very nice πŸ™‚

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