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Adhruth with Grand Parents – Vishamakkara Kannan July 25, 2011

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It was another great week and a greater Weekend. Amma has come from Chennai to be with us during the week. Appa has come over the Weekend to Chennai. They are seeing big difference in Adhruth as it is almost 4 months since they last saw Adhruth.

Had been to Forum Value Mall for our Birthday shopping and saw an wonderful Krishnar dress for Adhruth. Planning to use that for his first birthday (Yes. it is going to be one year in next 2 months).  The audio for the video is “Vishamakkara Kannan” (as we got his new Krishnar dress)


Amazing Weekend with Adhruth July 11, 2011

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Wow. What an amazing weekend it was. Playing with Adhruth is one of the best pass times now. Before Adhruth, I used to work in the Laptop during Weekends, now my Lap is completely for Adhruth. He loves everything hanging from the ceiling and wants to touch them & play with them.  When I carry him in my hands, he stretches himself to touch and take those in his hands. This has become a good games for us now. After all these, he now looks at the bell that is hanging around the rear view mirror and stretches his hand to see if he can catch that. As the bell moves around in the traffic, he continuously sees that and laughs for himself.

 Adhruth wants us to continuously speak to him (looking at him). Even if me and Madhu speak to each other, he looks at our face to see what we are talking about. When we speak to him and start kajoling him he understands that and starts smiling a lot.

Adhruth now clearly stretches his hand when he is lying down, indicating to us that we need to take him in our shoulders.

Sunday, we three went to Madhu’s parent house and left Adhruth there for sometime with his Grand Parents and me & Madhu went out for sometime. First time Me & Madhu were outside without Adhruth for over 2.5 hours (though thinking about him all time). First venture outside was grand success 🙂


9 Months with Adhruth July 5, 2011

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It is an amazing journey to see & experience Adhruth grow. Enjoying every second with him. Recent changes:

1. When we give him any toy to play, initially he used to hold it not knowing what to do. Now, he plays it the same way we show him

2. Adhruth enjoys someone speaking to him. Looks like, he clearly understands how we speak to him. When we smile at him and speak happily he smiles and laughs. When we speak normally, he listens and watches us speak.

3. He covers the entire hall, rolling

4. He used to enjoy the sounds that comes out of his gym, and now he has learnt how to topple it and enjoys toppling it and rolling and moving away from that

5. Started feeding with Fruits & Vegetable Juices


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