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Father’s day message from Adhruth through Madhu June 19, 2011

Filed under: Photo,Status,Videos — Yagya @ 4:25 PM

Got this wonderful message wishing me on my first Father’s Day from Adhruth through Madhu…

I love you cho much appa. Thanks for being with me all the time when I was in amma’s womb. Thanks for thinking positively that I will come to see this beautiful world hale and healthy. Thanks for the fabulous blog about me which I’ll see & njoy in few yrs. Thanks for enjoying so much in taking cute lovely pics of mine. I love all those colourful dresses you gifted me. You made our house more beautiful for my arrival. I love it! You are the best appa. Loving you cho much. Happy parst appa day.

It was Adhruth who made me a Father by coming into our life. It has been such a special feeling being “Father” and getting wishes for Father’s day. Thank you so much Adhruth and thank you Madhu for expressing it on behalf of Adhruth.



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