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June 10 – Adhruth 250 Days & 4 years of Meeting Madhu June 9, 2011

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June 10 – Two important milestones…(publishing it a day in advance :-))

Its 250 days since Adhruth came into this Beautiful WorldVetrikaramana Irunutru Aimbathavathu Naal. Time just flies. Now, Adhruth is holding his head without support for longer time. He is starting to take things around him and holding them in his hands. He is attempting to crawl (swim) and will do it in a week’s time. Having an exciting time in seeing the changes and growth.

Today is also 4years since me & Madhu met for the first time. Though it was 2007, appears as if it was just yesterday. Madhu & family had come to Bangalore from Chennai and my family had come to Bangalore (from various parts of country :-)).  Though we have spoken to each other for more than 2 hrs on May 29th & 30th, meeting each other was exciting. Our family met Madhu’s family in a Hotel and both of us said “YES”.  The most beautiful, important and exciting decision of our life was made by us on this day. Ready for the celebration.


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