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Its 8 Months today… June 3, 2011

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Dear Adhruth

Its 8 Months today – since you came in our lives. Wow. What an wonderful 8 Months it had been. Lots of realizations in this time:

1. Most peaceful experience is to get you sleep in our hands

2. Softest thing we have touched so far is your feet

3. Best thing to do is to clean you and change your Diapers

4. Most interesting Time pass till today for us is just sit and watch you move your hands & legs

5. Sweetest sound we have heard is the sound you make to get our attention

6. Best conversation that we have had is with you – when we speak & you responds but we don’t understand your language but know you are saying something to us

7. World’s greatest Smile is the one that comes from your lips

8. Best hobby is Photography clicking every single experience with you

9. Best fragrance is that little milky  smell that comes from your body

Enjoying every moment of this blissful experience. Thanks for coming into our lives.

-Yagyaraman & Subhashree


One Response to “Its 8 Months today…”

  1. Balaji K Says:

    Hi Raman,

    I saw Adhru’s website.. It’s amazing… I’m not getting any words to say.. After seeing this website, I came to a conclusion that there won’t be any other best best best… example left out to show how much a dad loves his kid… I really loved watching this site… you are proud pappa…

    Wishing you and your family a HAPPY DIWALI.


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