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Adhruth in Hinduja Park – our Home May 28, 2011

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Its a week now – last week Madhu & Adhruth shifted to Hinduja Park – our Home. Though Adhruth had come here couple of times to set the home along with me and Madhu, now we have moved in here.

Now, as there are many things hanging in the celing – Chandelier, Wind Chimes, shouting parrots Adhruth is busy watching each of those and enjoying. More than him, its me and Madhu enjoying πŸ™‚ with our hero. Now a days, Adhruth is asking us to konjify him a lot and he is enjoying that. In fact when I start kissing him on one cheek, after few seconds he turns and shows the other one.

Here is photos & videos of Adhruth taken in the last week.


Adhruth visiting Hinduja Park May 14, 2011

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Me, Madhu & Adhruth visited Hinduja Park last week to set it up for our movement there. As Madhu was setting up the Kitchen, me & Adhruth were playing and I set the Tripod and started clicking pictures. The Best of those are here. The Video is amazing as Adhruth just rolled on his stomach and lifted his head for quite sometime for it to be captured πŸ™‚

One other big milestone this week – For the first time Adhruth had mashed Potatoes & he really enjoys it πŸ™‚


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