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Adhruth’s Day out in Forum Value Mall April 28, 2011

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For Good Friday, had a long weekend and it was an extraordinary weekend with Adhruth. We decided to goto Forum Value Mall with Adhruth. Its almost 8 months since Me and Madhu went there (every weekend we would be there an year back). Packed the Pram in the Car, got Adhruth dressed up and ready to go. Adhruth was crying a little on the way and we were thinking was it a good decision and he made our decision right. From the time we got down from the Car and put him in the Pram, he was so quite and started gazing around everywhere. He enjoyed all the colorful lights everywhere and people around everywhere. Whenever anybody saw him and smiled, he immediately smiled and they were very happy with his gesture (something for me to learn – Smile is certainly contagious and he showed me that day). Went to Jute Cottage, MTR, Sony World and Home accessory shop and shops in ground floor & he was looking around everywhere and did not cry of feel uncomfortable. In fact he was enjoying it the most. Me and Madhu were very happy and Β were not sure if we should continue as it was around 1.5 hrs and he would ask for feeding. But decided to continue as long as he wanted. Got a “Donald Duck” Balloon for him and he was looking at that & the way it flew in the air. Finally after around 2 hrs we decided to go back though as it was first time we were out with him for such a place. The same guy who enjoyed every minute in the Mall started crying within 5 minutes we came back to the Car.

Moral of the Story – Adhurth likes to go for Shopping a lot (window shopping) πŸ™‚

Also this weekend was exciting because my friend Venkataprasad with Devi (his wife) & Badri (his son) had come to our place on his way back to Pune. Badri is elder to Adhruth by an year and was so sweet. Badri came to see Adhruth. In the Evening, we had been to Rajini’s (Madhu’s IIT friend) house and saw Agrim (Rajini’s Son) who was almost same age of Adhruth. Had a great time at their house as well.

Overall, it was an exciting weekend. (As I am typing this on Thursday, looking forward for the weekend already)

Here is the Video of Adhruth’s rolling over the weekend (almost 3 mins)


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