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Seeing Adhruth after 4 Weeks April 5, 2011

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I had been to Minneapolis for 4 weeks from March 5th to April 4th. This is the first time, I am away from Madhu for such a long time after I have seen her first. It was a difficult experience for me to be away from Madhu & Adhruth for 4 weeks. In the 3rd week of my visit, Adhruth fell ill and had to be hospitalized for a week. All of a sudden I felt helpless being away from them. I was little relaxed when Doctor said nothing serious to be worried about and would be in Observation for 2-3 days. Spoke multiple times during day and night with everyone to see what I can arrange from being there. He was discharged in 4 days.

I reached Bangalore on April 4th at 4 AM and home at 5 AM. I have heard, Love grows in Absence and gets expressed in Presence. It was absolutely true. Not seeing Madhu & Adhruth for 4 weeks had increased the love and affection and it is getting expressed in presence from yesterday. Enjoying every moment with them.

What will I do first when I see Adhruth after 4 weeks. Yes……Took some photos and videos. Here you go…..


One Response to “Seeing Adhruth after 4 Weeks”

  1. Subhashree Says:

    So cute.. Rajani uncle….

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