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Poem on Adhruth March 9, 2011

Filed under: Status — Yagya @ 9:18 AM

When we were in Chennai, Madhu’s thatha came and saw Adhruth and the next day he handed over a paper to me, saying a poem that he had written. I was amazed, surprised, excited, happy, jubliant on reading that. Wow…..Here it goes… Thank you Thatha

October three is just another day
To those of us so dull and hard like clay,
Who scarcely know to sift from chaff the grain
But presently you now will ascertain.

Have you yet found out the reason, my folks?
Still no? Really what shame, I make no jokes,
God gives on that day from His lotus foot
An angel, also addressed as Adhruth.


One Response to “Poem on Adhruth”

  1. Subhashree Says:

    Thank you thatha. Very happy to see how much you all love Adhruth.

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