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Poem on Adhruth March 9, 2011

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When we were in Chennai, Madhu’s thatha came and saw Adhruth and the next day he handed over a paper to me, saying a poem that he had written. I was amazed, surprised, excited, happy, jubliant on reading that. Wow…..Here it goes… Thank you Thatha

October three is just another day
To those of us so dull and hard like clay,
Who scarcely know to sift from chaff the grain
But presently you now will ascertain.

Have you yet found out the reason, my folks?
Still no? Really what shame, I make no jokes,
God gives on that day from His lotus foot
An angel, also addressed as Adhruth.


Thank You Adhruth March 7, 2011

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Karthik (my brother) marriage was on Feb 23rd in Chennai. Me, Madhu, Adhruth & Madhu’s Amma travelled to the Wedding by Car on 21st Morning. The previous week, Adhruth was unwell with Stomach Infection and so we checked with Doctor to see if we can travel with him. Doctor suggested we can travel and gave us set of medicines to carry with us.

We started from Bangalore around 5:15 reached Chennai around Noon. Yes, little longer than what it usually takes, as we travelled slowly to take care of Adhruth. Best part was he slept for almost 4.5 hrs during the Journey. In Chennai, checked into a Hotel (as Madhu was yet to be invited to our house after delivery). Right from that day, till we left, Madhu dressed Adhruth in all new dresses we had bought for the occassion and he looked so handsome in those.

We were little tensed initially about change of water, change of climate, too many people to see and ready to take him, sound of marriage function, light music of reception etc.. but Adhruth was at his BEST from then on. He slept very well (which was not happening earlier due to his infection). His dresses looked so pretty on already handsome Adhruth. He went in the hands of this Kollu Thathas, Thatha, Mama thatha, Athai patti, Athais, Mamis and all other relatives. He just wanted them to speak to him, see him and Smile, immediately he would have a Bigggg Smile on his face looking at them.

During the reception, light music was On when Madhu & Adhruth came in and he was sleeping. He continued to sleep peacefully in that sound still going around in everyone’s hands. On the day of the wedding (Feb 23), Madhu & Adhruth entered into our House with a Aarathi. It was good experience of Adhruth coming into our Chennai house.

Somehow after the function I wanted to share the whole 2 week experience and tell the same to Adhruth and Thank him, I dont know how else other than just writing this blog….so that he reads it one day. (Should Father, Thank a Son for what he did – I think Yes, he should else how will Son come to know what Father really felt). I did not know or cannot experience the pain he went through the previous week, but he made the marriage week turn out extremely great and memorable for us .

Thanks Adhruth – my dear Son.


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