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Adhruth’s day out February 13, 2011

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Yesterday was suchΒ a beautiful experience. Me and Madhu had been with Adhruth outside home for almost 6-7 hours. Started around 10 AM and our first visit was to Manipal :-). Adhruth weighed 3.46 KGs yesterday (Wowwwww. What a great feeling to see the number in that weighing scale gradually increasing everytime time we go). Adhruth’s checkup was completed around 1 PM and came out. Everything is normal and he is going great day by day.

From there we went to shop for my dress for Karthik’s marriage and decided to take Adhruth along with us there. He was very good as usual in his best. He slept in the car in his Car Seater. We carried him to the shop in the same Car Seater and he was looking at all the colorful dresses around. Did not even cry or feel restless for a second. When we left him on the sofa, he slept peacefully there and allowed us to continue the shopping. We again moved him to the Car Seater and continued our journey back home. Brilliant experience and now this has given us good confidence when we go with him to Chennai for Karthik’s wedding. Great going Adhruth…


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