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Adhruth 100 – What an Experience January 11, 2011

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Dear Adhruth

Today, you are completing 100 Days in this Beautiful World. What an amazing journey it had been for me and Madhu. Thought came of typing down what it has been for me to spend time with you these 100 days.

 In the last few days of the 2010, I took off from Office to spend time with you. For the first time, me and Madhu are in Bangalore when I had taken leave. This time, I though what will I do @ home for 5 days. But you made it the most amazing, unforgettable experience for me.

When you were awake, I used to come and sit next to you in the Bed and start speaking to you. I know very well that you cannot understand, but what an experience it was to to relate with you that way. I was just sitting there to just see you smile. Oh. Certainly I forgot everything in that one smile of yours.  When you cry, I carry you in my arms and sing something which even I never understood, but you peacefully start sleeping in my hand. Oh. What a precious moment it was for me. Couple of times, when I stopped moving my hands, you immediately woke up. So I made sure you were asleep completely and then put you in your bed . Me and Madhu were there – both just looking at the beauty of you sleeping with your hands in your usual pose :-). It is a delight to watch. I wanted the time to be frozen so that I can just continue experiencing that. Everything in the world, lost its beauty in front of you.

Many times, we both felt house was suddenly very silent when you slept for additional time and wanted you to be awake so that we can play with you. To pacify when you cry, we would show rattlers, music box or sing but you will mostly stop crying when someone holds you in their hand and then start looking around as if nothing happened.

You have started smiling more now and we are waiting for every opportunity to see that and enjoy. When you are about to sleep, the way you yawn is something that would never be forgotten.

At times, Madhu and I felt it would be good if you grow up faster, but after sometime we would say No No…It is good to be like this because we want to enjoy every single day in your company.

Overall, it had been a Blissful 100 Days. Time is just flying past…

Loving you so much Adhruth

PS – For the first time, I realize I can write my feelings. I have never written so much on what I feel and experience. Thanks a lot for making that happen 🙂

Cutest Pose of Adhruth


One Response to “Adhruth 100 – What an Experience”

  1. subhashree Says:

    Its true that if he sleeps for additional time we feel like
    we miss something and everything becomes normal once he wakes up.
    Its really a gr8 journey.

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