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Letter from Me to Adhruth about Madhu December 19, 2010

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Dear Adhruth

This two and half months has been the most beautiful, amazing and exciting time for both me and Madhu. You coming in our life has changed everything about both of us. Day to day changes are more for Madhu than for me. I still continue to do most of the things which I had been doing before you were born…right now Gym in the morning, Master Minds on Sundays, Regular office work etc.

Life of Madhu has completely changed.

 – She enjoyed coming out with me over the weekends. Now she only loves to spend every single minute seeing and being with you

 – She liked those Crafts, Interior and Home Exhibitions but the only Exhibition she enjoys is maintaining your wardrobe and making sure you wear comfortable dresses everyday

 – She had seen every single movie that got released along with me in Theatres. Now the only movie she loves is those movies, I create with your photos and videos. Nothing else excites her more than that

 – Earlier if she sleeps a slightest of sound would wake her up and her sleep will be disturbed and might not be able to sleep again. Now, everytime she hears even a small sound from you, may be every hour too, she is awake, checks your dress, feeds you and then sleeps

 – Like me, she never bothered eating outside anytime, now a days, though Doctors have said her eating habit would not affect you, she is very careful on what she eats, so that you are not troubled for her habit

 – She had always come out with me for anywhere in Bangalore. Now, when you had to be taken to Manipal Hospital immediately for any emergency, she is immediately ready to go out in Taxi. Anything for you da darling.

I know all Mothers would have done these & will continue to do these for their Child, but wanted to share what I have been seeing, enjoying and experiencing from the Close proximity.

Loving you so much my dear darlings Madhu & Adhruth


2 Responses to “Letter from Me to Adhruth about Madhu”

  1. Subhashree Says:

    Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. Subhashree Says:

    🙂 If you are ready to reduce anyone of your daily work
    schedules I am ready to share Adhruth’s time with you now.

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