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Adhruth’s Naming Cerermony & Thottil (Cradle) December 17, 2010

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Though “Adhruth” name was finalized, formal Naming Ceremony was fixed for 9 AM on 12th December. It added more excitement for everyone in the family as this was the very First function for the Sweet Little Prince.

Function started with Pooja with me at first and then Madhu joining me and then the Hero of the day joined us :-). We pronounced the name in his ears for 3 times. He was named after his Grand Father (my father) “Mahadevan”.

During the function Vathiar (priest) explained about few things which we never knew. In olden days (at least one or two generations earlier), once the Father of the baby comes to know about the news about arrival of new Baby in their family, he will immediately run to the nearby lake and jump from a height and take a dip. They will see the Baby only on the day of the Naming Ceremony and are not supposed to see them earlier. Immediately I thought about our scenario. The first person to see Adhruth in our family was ME :-).  Adhruth got many gifts from his Kollu Thatha, Grand Parents, Chittappa, Athai athimber and Sowmya Akka.

The previous evening, everyone in the Family got together to get the Thottil ready. It was decorated with Color Papers, Balloons all around. After the function was over, Adhruth changed into the dress given for him by his Athai. After that Maha (his Athai) wore him Bangles in hand, Kappu in Hand, Leg and a ring, Madhu’s mother put him in the Thottil for the first time.

Right from 9 AM till Noon, till the entire function was over Adhruth was very calm, looked at everyone, smiled few times and went in the Hands of his Grand Parents, Chittappa and Athai. Not a single time he cried and was very calm. Everyone enjoyed the whole function.

Enjoy the pictures…& video

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One Response to “Adhruth’s Naming Cerermony & Thottil (Cradle)”

  1. Kailash Says:

    hey Yegya…

    Machan, i have not seen something like this in my life time. Very innovative thought. I am totally speechless. God bless your family & my best wishes to your family. “adhruth” Very nice name..haven’t heard it so far. ” chumma adhurudhu illa….” 😉

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