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Change of Role December 5, 2010

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Few days back, Adhruth was sleeping in his bed in the Hall and we decided to shift him to the Bed Room so that he can continue his sleep undisturbed there. Madhu asked me to carry him to the Bed Room. As soon as I picked up his bed, first thought that came in my mind was I should not disturb his Sleep and make him awake. Immediately another flash came to my mind, looks like I have experienced what I was going through earlier in my life. But how????

Yes, I just remembered my Father carrying me in a similar fashion from the Hall into the Bedroom till when I was around 4th, 5th Standard in Coimbatore. I used to sleep while watching the TV and Appa used to carry me without waking me up to the Bed Room and put me in the Bed. Right now, exactly going through the same but the roles are changed. I was in the Hands of my Father and now then, I am the Father of Adhruth. Role has changed over years but suddenly this flash came to my mind. Loving you so much Appa.

Dedicating this video of Adhruth to my Father…




One Response to “Change of Role”

  1. Vasudha Says:

    Adhruth has been a true winner from birth, emerging from all the Obstacles that he was put through. A clear indication or HIS way of telling that a true Arjuna is born to make it big in this world.I am sure he inherits this from his Mom and Dad. God bless you.. You are an inspiration. Loving you so much.

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