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Adhruth 50 Days. Special Vdeo November 21, 2010

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Today, Adhruth is completing his 50 Days in this beautiful World. Oh!! What a brilliant journey and change of lifestyle it had been….

1. He made sure October 3rd is a date we will never forget in our life.

2. He made us “Accept” things in life. If not for that, me and Madhu would have not been Calm and Composed throughout his stay in Hospital.

3. He makes us “forget everything” when we see him moving his little arms and legs and establishing direct eye contact us, as if he is ready to tell something.

4. Whenever he cries, there is just now question….Is he hungry or has he wet his diaper?

5. Sleeping time of Madhu is now tuned to his sleeping time.

6. My voice which used to heard loud and clear for few Kilometers is now changed to whispers.

7. Coming back early from Office to watch him play and shifting all my conference calls to later in night.

8. Madhu takes care of her eating habits so that it should not affect his health.

9. Waiting for him to sleep peacefully and at the sametime waiting for him to Open his eyes and start playing.

10. It is a delight to watch him do Kottavi (yawn) opening his mouth and moving his hands.

11. It is a sight to watch him taking feed in Palladai with medicine (especially the chappu kottra sound for his favourite syrup)

12. He made us realize how important is relations in life.

13. We understood how much we love each other and how far we can push ouselves physically and emotionally.

14. Parenthood is a sweet responsibility.

15. He has come through us and not because of us.

16. Patience Patience Patience.

17. Doctors are true forms of God.

18. Nothing can be achieved through anger.

On the whole “An Awesome 50 Days!!!!”. Thank you Adhruth. (This has been authored by Yagyaraman & Madhu together)

Dedicating this video to our little Prince… (Please read Point 16 if it takes little time to load)

The background song is from Movie “Satham Podathey”


One Response to “Adhruth 50 Days. Special Vdeo”

  1. Anusha Says:

    Adhruth is cute!!! As it has been said, the kottavi part of the video is veryyyy cute! Dhrishti suthi podunga!!!

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