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He is back Home from Hospital November 5, 2010

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From NICU he was moved to Normal Ward again yesterday. Somehow, me and Madhu strongly felt we will get the Boy back home this time.

He was taking feeds normally and Madhu was confident this time. Dr. Karthik Nagesh visited and saw the Boy. He was perfectly normal. When Madhu asked about getting discharged today. He saidperfect. Why not?

Wow!!!!!! We could not believe what we heard. The day has come. Suddenly we both realized that today was supposed to be his Expected Date of Delivery. I had said to my colleagues and friends that, baby was Diwali Release and here we are getting him discharged on the day of Diwali.

The tube with was attached to his nose to feed him was removed by afternoon getting him ready for discharge.

The discharge and settlement formalities were complete around 9.30 PM and we all reached home with the most precious gift of our life by 10.30 PM.

I am publishing this from my mobile. Will upload his recent photos shortly.

Welcome Home My Darling.


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